Computer Use Policy

To protect the integrity of its computer system against unauthorized or improper use, and to protect authorized users from the effects of unauthorized or improper usage of the system, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America ("JTS") reserves the right to limit or restrict any account holder or user's right to use, inspect, copy, remove or otherwise alter any computer data, file or system resources, with or without notice to the account holder or user. The JTS computer system, equipment and any proprietary information found therein are owned by JTS and all users can have no expectation of privacy. JTS reserves the right either periodically, or in the event it appears necessary to do so, to monitor and inspect all aspects of the system, including logon sessions, and reserves its rights, as necessary, to protect the JTS computer system, equipment, proprietary information and facilities in any manner it deems appropriate. JTS provides computer equipment and its communications systems for the business, educational and scholarly activities of JTS and use is to be limited to those purposes.

JTS disclaims responsibility for loss of data or interference with the files resulting from its efforts to maintain the integrity, privacy and security of the JTS computer system.

Users of the JTS system are required to comply with the JTS Policy on Computing Ethics, and by using the system, the user agrees to comply with, and be subject to, the Policy on Computing Ethics and these Conditions of Use.

JTS reserves the right to amend this statement at any time with or without notice.


All users of the JTS computing system are expected to exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using this system, including the exercise of the following:

1. You may use only those computer accounts which have been authorized for your use by JTS. The unauthorized use of another's account, as well as the providing of false or misleading information for the purpose of obtaining access to computing facilities or the system is prohibited. Such uses may be regarded as criminal acts and will be treated accordingly by JTS.

2. You may not authorize anyone to use your account(s) for any reason. You are responsible for all usage on your accounts. You must take all reasonable precautions, including password maintenance and file protection measures, to prevent use of your accounts by unauthorized persons.

3. You are allowed to use the computer facilities or the system for related and reasonable purposes unless specifically excluded by this agreement or its amendments, or otherwise prohibited by law or JTS policies. For example, you may use the JTS computer system for incidental personal communications and collecting information. However, if your activities cause a burden on the JTS computer system, disrupt or inhibit the normal functioning of JTS or its system, abuse the system in some manner, or otherwise violate this policy, JTS reserves the right to restrict or cancel such activities. Staff may not use the JTS computer system for personal entertainment, such as the downloading of videos or music, or the playing of games, or to download any proprietary information from the system for any purpose not related to his or her JTS employment. Any staff violating any part of this paragraph may lose their computer privileges and/or be subject to other disciplinary or legal action.

4. You may not use the JTS computer facilities, the system or any proprietary information contained therein for solicitation for any other entity or organization, or for any non-JTS business or commercial purposes, whether or not such activity involves remuneration, or for political activity; scholarly activities, including the publication by faculty, shall not be deemed commercial purposes.

5. You may not use your accounts for unlawful purposes, including the installation of fraudulently or illegally obtained software or the transmission of illegal material. This includes peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted materials. YOU MAY NOT INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. This includes, but is not limited to, software available over the internet, by desk or CD, and software that is owned by you personally or by others. You may not use the system in a manner that obscures or blocks your identity.

6. You may not access or copy files (including e-mail or documents) that belong to another user without prior authorization from the account holder. Files may not be divulged or sent to other individuals without permission from the individual in whose account or computer the files reside.

7. You may not use the system irresponsibly, or engage in activity that or is illegal, harassing or defamatory, or needlessly affects the work of others. This includes (a) transmitting or making accessible offensive, annoying or harassing material, (b) intentionally damaging the system, (c) intentionally damaging information not belonging to you, or (d) intentionally misusing system resources or allowing misuse of system resources by others.

8. You are responsible for reporting to the Department of Information Technology any violation of these guidelines by another individual, and for preventing and reporting viruses that affect the JTS computer system. You are also encouraged to report any information relating to a flaw in, or bypass of, computer facilities security.

9. Your account was assigned to you solely because of your affiliation with JTS. In the event that affiliation ends, your account will be terminated and any information or data contained in those files will become open to inspection and deletion.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines, or the unauthorized or illegitimate use of the JTS computing facilities, system, proprietary information or resources, shall constitute a violation of JTS policy and will subject the violator to the loss of his or her computer account and/or access to the JTS computer system as well as to disciplinary or legal action by JTS for, among other things, theft of its property. You agree to hold JTS harmless and indemnify it against damage suffered or loss incurred as the result of your failure to comply with this policy.

Any questions about this policy or of the applicability of this policy to a specific situation should be referred to the Department of Information Technology.


                                                                                                                            June 2014