Reservation of Rights

JTS reserves the right to revise or change its academic calendar, rules, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degrees and any other regulations, policies or practices affecting students, whenever considered necessary or desirable. The foregoing changes may include, without limitation, the elimination of programs, departments or schools.

Registration or attendance at classes signifies an agreement by a student to comply with all rules and regulations of JTS, whenever promulgated. It is the student's responsibility to become aware of the contents of each new academic bulletin and to be thoroughly familiar with program and departmental requirements, including amendments to those requirements as well as amendments to the general policies of JTS. The JTS website will always contain the most current version. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to act in accordance with them.

This academic bulletin, which is for the guidance of applicants, students and faculty, is subject to change without notice and is not intended to be a contract between JTS and any person.