Student Obligations

A student will not be deemed registered at JTS (and may not re-register) until the following actions have been taken:

• All tuition, housing fees and other charges due at registration must be paid in full or satisfactory arrangements must be made for the payment of such fees and charges. 

• All forms must be completed truthfully and in full and submitted to the appropriate office.  A student may not knowingly make a false statement or conceal material information on an application for admission, registration materials or on any other JTS form.

• The student must be in compliance with all JTS rules and regulations.

If a student fails to comply with the above, JTS may refuse or cancel a student's
registration, refuse to admit a student to classrooms or residence halls, terminate
library privileges and refuse to issue transcripts, certificates and diplomas.

A student who fails to return library materials when due will be responsible for fines
and charges on the overdue materials.  Students who fail to pay their library obligations
or fail to meet their other financial obligations will be subject to the same penalties as
those failing to meet the registration requirements set forth above.

Continued failure by the student to meet the above obligations may result in expulsion from JTS housing or suspension or expulsion from JTS.  Students who have outstanding financial charges or fees at the time of graduation will not be able to participate in graduation, and diplomas or transcripts will not be issued until all charges or fees are paid in full.  All unpaid balances are subject to an interest charge, and students will be held responsible for any collection costs (including legal fees) that may be assessed in the event financial obligations are not paid when due.