Hilary Brown

List College

In her four years at the Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies of The Jewish Theological Seminary, Hilary Brown has studied the world of ancient Judaism while making a significant contribution to the future of JTS.

Coming north from Atlanta, Georgia, Hilary knew she would find exactly what she sought at JTS. "I wanted to study Judaism in more depth," she says, "and learn from some of the top professors in the field." The opportunity to study at Columbia University was also a draw, and Hilary describes List College's Joint Program with Columbia as a holistic education in which her classes at both schools complement one another, resulting in an educational experience that elevates her thinking and critical reasoning skills.

Outside of class, Hilary is a founding member of JTS EcoReps, the student branch of the JTS Green Committee, dedicated to making the campus more environmentally friendly. By building on her previous environmental work at Camp Ramah Darom, Hilary has played an invaluable role in helping JTS develop a sustainable strategy for greening the campus. (Learn how JTS is going green.)

Efforts by JTS EcoReps include installing recycling bins throughout the campus, creating a passive education program that shares eco-tips, and running programs on how to make life choices that will lessen harmful human effects on the environment.

Hilary also puts her organizational and motivational talents to use as a Residence Adviser (RA) in Goldsmith Hall, home to both undergraduate and graduate-level students. Now in her second year as an RA, Hilary says, "It gives me an opportunity to know a lot of different people, and I'm challenged to offer programs that appeal to students from nineteen to thirty." Sushi-making and her annual Super Bowl party seem to be the favorites thus far.

Though her time at JTS is coming to a close, Hilary knows her new knowledge and skills will carry her far. Hilary says emphatically, "I am so happy at JTS."

Hilary describes the success of the JTS EcoReps in her student video below:

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Hilary Brown

Hilary Brown