The Counseling Center: An Invaluable Student Resource

Higher education presents students of every age with a unique set of social and emotional challenges.  To ensure the overall well-being of JTS students, the Counseling Center of The Jewish Theological Seminary provides coping strategies for a variety of educational, spiritual, transitional, and mental-health concerns. The center's team of psychologists and social workers are on call to address both short- and long-term problems-anything from roommate conflicts and anxiety to procrastination and substance abuse.

The mission of the Counseling Center is to be there for all those attending JTS. "Our students," says director Dr. David Davar, "come with a wide range of concerns, and we are here to provide them with the support they may need to make their time at JTS as rich and rewarding as possible, be it personally, spiritually, socially, or academically."

For students, the Counseling Center is an invaluable resource. "The Counseling Center plays a vital role in the educational experience here. As JTS educates and trains future professionals and leaders, both inside and outside the classroom, it is essential that we offer a friendly ear and guidance as students move through their academic journey and then transition upon graduation," says Sara Horowitz, dean of Student Life.

According to survey data, most students come for an average of about ten sessions. "Some of the more common reasons students seek care are anxiety, depression, and stress management; relationships with family, peers, and romantic partners; LGBT concerns; self-confidence; perfectionism; and anger.  Common academic issues include procrastination, difficulty concentrating, and learning challenges," Dr. Davar explains.

The counseling that JTS students receive is top-notch, with survey data indicating that care at the Counseling Center surpasses national averages. "Eighty-eight percent of students stated that they felt better after being in counseling; eighty-three percent gained better self-understanding; and eighty percent stated that they would recommend the Counseling Center to their friends as a place to go," Dr. Davar says.

No student should have to cope with problems alone. In the sometimes turbulent waters of transition, the JTS Counseling Center is a steady breeze to help guide the journey.

To make a personal appointment, call Dr. David Davar at (212) 280-6161.

Download The Counseling Center brochure to learn more.