Meet Our Rabbis

With an expansive vision of the rabbinate, The Jewish Theological Seminary guides rabbinical students to wisdom in Torah study, spiritual development, pastoral care, and professional development. In the classroom and in the field, JTS thoroughly prepares students for holy service in today's global Jewish community.

"As a rabbi, my goal is to create space for each person to experience God from the range of human emotion and lived experience."

Rabbi Aaron Weininger
(RS '12)

Learn how pastoral care at JTS prepared Aaron to be a rabbi.

"Everything I learned while I was in school became real the moment I landed there."

Rabbi Aderet Drucker
(RS '12)

Learn how professional development at JTS prepared Aderet to be a rabbi.


"As a JTS rabbi, I feel comfortable and competent to make certain halakhic decisions for my community."

Rabbi Zachary Silver
(RS '12)

Learn how Torah study at JTS prepared Zachary to be a rabbi.



"I try to allow people to arrive at a conclusion on their own-by creating the space for them to find resources within themselves."

Rabbi Gail Swedroe
(RS '12)

Learn how spiritual development at JTS prepared Gail to be a rabbi.


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