Rabbinic Convocation 5770/2010

On Thursday, May 27, 2010, a select group of distinguished Rabbis were each awarded an honorary doctoral degree by The Jewish Theological Seminary at a special convocation at JTS in New York City.

With this degree, JTS's faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees express its collective esteem and thanks to each of these Jewish leaders for more than twenty-five years of religious leadership in the cause of Conservative Judaism and klal Yisrael.

We congratulate all of the honorees.

Order of the Exercises

Abby Joseph Cohen Abby Joseph Cohen, Chair, Board of Trustees, presiding


Jonathan Schultz

Minhah—Jonathan Schultz

Russell G. Jayne The National Anthems—Russell G. Jayne
Chancellor Arnold Eisen Convocation Address—Professor Arnold M. Eisen, Chancellor
Rabbi Gila Dror Presentation of Candidates—Professor Arnold M. Eisen, Chancellor

Rabbi Daniel Nevins, Pearl Resnick Dean of The Rabbinical School
Randie Malinsky, Chair of The Rabbinical School Advisory Board

Also speaking: Rabbi Gilah Dror, President of the Rabbinical Assembly

Rabbi Daniel Nevins Conferral of Honorary Degrees
Rabbi David Michael Steinhardt Remarks on Behalf of the Honorees—Rabbi David Michael Steinhardt


Music Performed by BaRock Orchestra

Convocation Materials

View the Convocation Program.

Read Abby Joseph Cohen's welcome speech.

Read Chancellor Eisen's Convocation Address honoring members of the Conservative rabbinate.

List of Honorees

Honorary degrees were conferred upon:

Unless otherwise indicated, those listed above are candidates for the degree of Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa.

*An asterisk indicates that the degree is Doctor of Hebrew Letters, honoris causa.