Contact Information for Online Courses

Department Area of Expertise Contact
Technical Support All technical assistance

Email the Help Desk (10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. business days, (212) 678-8901)

Distance learning or other online courses, email Blackboard

Academic Advisers What courses to take See next page
Admissions/The Graduate School Making sure you are accepted The Graduate School Admissions, (212) 678-8022
Admissions/The Davidson School Making sure you are accepted The Davidson School Admissions (212) 678-8030
Your Professor Questions about the course assignments Listed on the course page, under Faculty information.
The Library Use the online catalog JTS Main Catalog
Order articles Reference Department, (212) 678-8081
E-reserves (to report missing articles or other problems) Submit this form
Registrar Registration Email the Registrar, (212) 678-8007
Financial Aid Financial Aid, (212) 678-8007
Bursar's Office Billing, (212) 678-8829


When you contact a department other than distance learning, be sure to include your full name, email, and phone contact information. Let them know that you are a distance learning student.

  1. Rapid Technical Assistance: If you need rapid technical assistance, you can click on the "help" button on the top of any page inside the course, or email the Help Desk. This email address is monitored quite frequently by all of our technical staff. We promise a response within twenty-four hours, and if you write between 6:00 a.m. and midnight EST, we'll usually respond within two to three hours. The more information you can provide (What was the URL of the page where you had a problem? What was the exact error message?), the easier it will be for our staff to diagnose and solve the problem. Our staff is not available on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Later in the orientation, you will have a chance to get your computer ready in advance of the course.
  2. Academic Questions: The professor for the course should be your first stop for questions about the content of the course(s) you are taking. His/her email address and phone number will appear in the course page located under faculty information. Your professor will be able to answer questions about the material and the assignments, but don't turn to them for help with computer problems. Rather, for technical questions, write to the Help Desk and you'll get the fastest possible answer.
  3. Library Resources: The requirements for some of our courses may be completed entirely with resources that you might reasonably be expected to purchase (most books are readily available on; for electronic articles please go to your course's online reserves located at ).In other cases, you may be able to refer to a synagogue, school, JCC, or public library in your community.

    We also hope that you will seek out additional readings or reference materials from our library, which is the largest Judaica collection in the western hemisphere. To use the online catalog, you can turn your web browser to

    To get copies of a particular article or chapter, you can call our reference desk at (212) 678-8081, or send an email. The desk is typically staffed from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. EST. The reference desk can help you find resources relevant to your study, and even send you copies of articles or other selections. Make sure that whomever you contact knows that you are a distance learning student.

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