Sarah Tauber

Dr. Sarah Tauber, assistant professor at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education, graduated from Yale University with a bachelor's degree magna cum laude in History, University of California at Berkeley with a secondary school teaching certification in English, and JTS with an EdD in Jewish Education. She also studied Jewish history in Paris at the L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales. Dr. Tauber has taught in a variety of secondary school settings in the Jewish and general educational world, both in the United States and in Europe, and was the education director of Congregation Beit GIL in Geneva, Switzerland. Most recently she has taught Judaic Studies, History, and Tefillah at the Upper School of the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester. Dr. Tauber is also the book review editor of the Journal of Jewish Education.

Dr. Tauber coordinates The Davidson School's Practicum in Jewish Educational Leadership. Students in their final year at The Davidson School intern with a mentor in a variety of Jewish educational institutions, and meet weekly with Dr. Tauber to reflect upon their experiences. The program connects Davidson School students with outstanding leaders in Jewish education, giving them the practical experience to prepare for their careers as Jewish educational professionals. Dr. Tauber is also a research consultant for The Davidson School's ReFrame: Experiential Education in Congregational Schools initiative.

She also gives lectures and workshops for adult learners in the New York area on topics as diverse as Jewish history, Jewish theology, and Jewish education.

Dr. Tauber 's dissertation explored the role of the congregational rabbi as a teacher of adults, and she looks forward to integrating this research with her practical experience in the field of Jewish education. She is excited at the chance to guide and mentor JTS students on their paths toward becoming inspired and knowledgeable educators in the Jewish world. 

Recent Scholarly Publications

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Recent Book Reviews

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Recent Online Publications

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Conference Papers

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Other Published Works

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