Beit Midrash

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study traditional Jewish texts and have the experience be exciting? Have you ever wondered why the teacher gets to have the last word?  

In the Ivry Prozdor Beit Midrash, you finally get to be in charge of your own Jewish education! In the Beit Midrash, students dedicate their time to the two core texts of Judaism, the Bible and the Talmud, and we learn them in the traditional method. First, small groups of students prepare a text. Later, we regroup to discover what you have to add to the generations-old story of our collective experience. 

Students in seventh–ninth grades attend the Beit Midrash in first period and third period, and in between they attend a Tarbut Ivrit class (see above).

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Students in tenth–twelfth grades attend the Beit Midrash first and second period, and then attend a third-period Tarbut Ivrit class.

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