Elisheva Gould: Woe is Me: Difficult Experiences Within Jewish Art and Text

To varying degrees and due to different circumstances, we all experience loss, separation, shame, helplessness, rage, loneliness, grief, and isolation. In this class, we will examine many of the elements of suffering that run throughout Jewish art and biblical and rabbinic texts. We will study the theme of pain through interactive visits to The Jewish Museum on October 28 and December 9, with in-class analyses of painting, photography, film, and other artistic media, as well as by looking at related Tanakhic and Talmudic sources. We will also have opportunities to explore our own responses to pain: by analyzing the art and text before us, and by considering how our Jewish identities inform what we see, think, feel, and do, on a personal level, in school, with our friends, and beyond.

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