Intensive Hebrew

NETA =  נט"ע- נוער לטובת עברית,  Youth for Hebrew or sapling

NETA is a dynamic Hebrew-language curriculum designed for students in 7th–12th Hebrew College, and supported by the Avi Chai Foundation, the NETA curriculum is currently taught in thirty Jewish day schools nationwide and is continuing to grow.

NETA was conceived to fill the need for a sequential and continuous Hebrew-language curriculum for middle- and high-school students, combining challenging materials with relevant content. The program also helps promote students' understanding of their history, culture, and tradition. NETA fosters a sense of belonging to the Jewish people, builds ties with Medinat YisraelAm Yisrael

NETA provides professional development workshops for its instructors and supports a team of mentors to help create meaningful language learning for adolescents through the use of NETA materials. The NETA curriculum is based on sound linguistic progression. Lessons are centered around themes that are of interest to teenagers such as technology, friendship, and freedom. Each lesson is presented from three perspectives: Jewish tradition, modern Israeli culture, and general world knowledge.  NETA is unique in that it keeps a steady pace, allowing students to experience the tangible rewards of progress in Hebrew proficiency.

The NETA curriculum is accompanied by standardized tests written by a curriculum-development team and educational-evaluation experts.

Serious language instruction must come with obligation on the part of the students. Students who join the Intensive Hebrew track commit to the following:

1.      Additional hours of Hebrew instruction (in addition to regular Sundays).

2.      One hour of Hebrew homework per week.

3.      Evaluation and testing.

Special NETA Days


(mandatory for allNETAstudents)

Students attend regular Sunday classes and then stay at JTS

 for extra Hebrew study until3:00 p.m.

October 14

December 2

January 27

March 2