A Taste of Electives-Classes and Faculty

See What We've Been Studying—Some of the Elective Courses Recently Offered at Ivry Prozdor:
  • From Circumcisions to Nose Jobs: A Brief History of the Jew's Body
  • Islam for Jews
  • "Gossip Girl" and "James Bond" . . . in the Torah.
  • Green Judaism 101
  • Holy and Unholy War: The Ethics of Violence in Jewish Tradition
  • Indiana Jones and the Historical Tanakh
Our Classes Are Fun, But Our Studies Are Serious. And So Is Our Faculty.

Students at Ivry Prozdor frequently have the chance to learn from prominent college professors, including some of the most prominent figures in the world of Jewish Studies. And 25 percent of our instructors either hold or are pursuing a doctoral degree.

Current and recent members of our faculty include:

Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky served JTS as assistant dean of The Rabbinical School, and is currently on its faculty.

Yaara Shteinhart earned a bachelor's and master's degree, along with a teacher's certificate from Tel Aviv University, and is currently finishing her dissertation for a doctorate in Jewish Education from JTS.

Jeffrey Abraham earned a master's degree in Jewish Education from the University of Judaism and is currently a rabbinical student at JTS.

Dr. Joshua Halberstam has authored many popular books on philosophy and ethics, and last year published his first novel, A Seat at the Table. He is currently a professor at BCC of City University of New York. Read more about Dr. Halberstam.