Study Concentrations

Personal choice shapes each student’s experience at Ivry Prozdor. Each year, students choose a Sunday concentration from the following:

  • In the Beit Midrash, students learn straight from primary sources: the Bible, Talmud, Midrash, and commentaries, with the goal of b’kiut (mastery of the text), as well as finding meaning and personal connection to the central texts of Judaism. In addition to this two-hour intensive study, students take a grade-level core course and one elective hour.
  • The Intensive Hebrew track is for students who are particularly interested in mastering modern Hebrew. In this track, students are able to learn at a fast pace and gain fluency by the end of their studies. Students take a double period of Hebrew, a grade-level core course, and one elective hour.
  • The Multidisiplinary track is for students interested in engaging in and mastering a variety of Jewish studies. Students take one core course and three elective courses.

Core Courses

  • Grade 8: Confronting the Holocaust / Founding of the State of Israel
  • Grade 9: The 10 Jewish Texts Everybody Should Know/ Social Action
  • Grade 10: Modern Jewish History / American Jewish History
  • Grade 11: Modern Jewish Philosophy / Arab-Israel Conflict
  • Grade 12: Issues in Modern Israel / Senior Seminar