Abraham and Mollie Goodman Language Resource Center

The Abraham and Mollie Goodman Language Resource Center, directed by Gross Family Director Hadassah Nemovicher, offers a wealth of Hebrew language software for students at all levels who wish to enrich and supplement their Hebrew language instruction. The lab also serves Hebrew language and other faculty at The Jewish Theological Seminary. On a typical visit to the lab, one might find:

  • A class of beginning students reviewing the Hebrew alphabet or Hebrew language pronunciation, using CD-ROM software
  • Intermediate students in an aural-oral course listening and viewing audio\video clips
  • A class of advanced students analyzing a Hebrew language text with the aid of the electronic dictionary
  • Individual students visiting Israeli or Hebrew language websites to prepare an oral presentation, reviewing vocabulary using computerized quizzes, or practicing verb conjugations using the latest instructional software.

Several days a week, the lab offers office hours, during which time the director is available for assistance, and periodically, she offers training sessions for students and faculty wishing to use the lab's resources more effectively.

Envisioned and developed by the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education of JTS, the Abraham and Mollie Goodman Language Resource Center was established in July 1999 to serve JTS students with technology-assisted language instruction and to function as a laboratory for the development of innovative techniques for technology-based language education.

The Goodman Center is housed on the seventh floor of Kripke Tower at JTS. The center maintains a library of instructional and reference materials that are available to students and faculty. Though the center works most directly with the Hebrew Language Department, its mission encompasses instruction in all of the languages and texts studied at JTS.