Professional and Pastoral Skills

Senior Lecturer
Daniel Nevins, Chair

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Laura Gold

Adjunct Lecturers
Rachel Ain
Lisa Gelber
Barry Dov Katz
Jack Moline
Craig Scheff
Daniel Silberbush
Jeffrey Silberman
Mychal B. Springer
Ute Steyer
Simkha Y. Weintraub

Coordinator of Field Education
Lisa Gelber

Director of Center for Pastoral Education
Mychal B. Springer

The Professional and Pastoral Skills program prepares students to meet their future rabbinic and cantorial responsibilities. Through courses, seminars, internships, rotations, and workshops, students acquire skills in leadership, pastoral counseling, communication, and administration.

Courses are designed to provide the skills and confidence students need to meet the challenges of the contemporary Jewish community. Each student is guided in the deepening of personal religious commitment, and is trained to articulate a vision of Jewish life that will inspire the next generation of Conservative Jews to embrace the traditional values and practices that give definition to the Jewish experience.

The Center for Pastoral Education offers a Certificate in Pastoral Care and Counseling, which integrates academic learning, pastoral skills, and religious and personal identity formation.

Classes not specifically designed for cantorial and rabbinical candidates are open to all JTS students.

The Beit Midrash program is supported by an endowment of the Leffel Family Foundation. Two instructors are designated the Rabbi Bernard Leffel Scholars. A third instructor is designated the Steven Glantz Scholar.

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