Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School

The Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School of The Jewish Theological Seminary, JTS's high school program, was established in 1951 as the place for serious academic post–bar/bat mitzvah Jewish study in the New York metropolitan area. Since its inception, Ivry Prozdor has brought thousands of families into the world of JTS, and edified generations of high school students about the serious study of Judaism.

Ivry Prozdor offers a Jewish education for exceptionally motivated students who simultaneously attend independent or public full-time high schools. Our students tend to be highly affiliated; many attend Jewish summer camps, including Camp Ramah, and serve as active leaders in Jewish youth groups, such as United Synagogue Youth.

Ivry Prozdor is a community of serious learning, in which both the classics of the tradition (Bible, Talmud, Codes, and Kabbalah) and the problems of modernity are examined with equal ferver. Most Ivry Prozdor students begin their studies in the eighth or ninth grades; however, students are welcome to join at any time during their high school years. Students can choose to have their Ivry Prozdor transcripts sent to the colleges to which they apply along with a letter of recommendation.

The academic program allows students to study traditional texts, consider philosophical issues, and develop fluency in Modern Hebrew. At each grade level, students participate in interdisciplinary seminars and classes in Bible, rabbinics, and Jewish history. Students have the option of enrolling in intensive Hebrew courses and the Beit Midrash program, in addition to a full menu of elective courses.

Faculty members at Ivry Prozdor engage students in moral and ethical issues, helping them draw relevance and meaning from Jewish tradition, and model a compelling, Jewishly engaged life. This training is intended to strengthen students' understanding, appreciation, and love for Judaism in all of its facets as they begin to assume the responsibilities of adulthood.

Ivry Prozdor benefits from ongoing consultation and collaboration with the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of JTS. Most of the program's teachers have or are pursuing advanced degrees. Faculty members participate in regular workshops and meetings designed to promote fellowship and professional development. Ivry Prozdor receives ongoing support from the Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Life Monument Funds, Inc.; Rabbi Max Routtenberg Student Enrichment Program; Howard Rubin Scholarship Fund; and individual donations. In 1996, E. Billie Ivry, an honorary member of the Board of Trustees of JTS, endowed the Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School in perpetuity.