Application Information and Instructions

Session I

Session II

Session III

Intensive Hebrew Language Session

If there is insufficient registration in any courses by the following deadlines, JTS reserves the right to cancel those courses. Enrollment is limited and we recommend that you submit the appropriate form as soon as you are able.

Registration for JTS Students

Please register online. If you are unfamiliar with this process, please see the registration tutorial or contact the Registrar's Office for further help. On March 2–3, only JTS students will be allowed to register. From March 4 onward, registration will be open to all. Full payment must be made before the first day of class.

Registration for All Other Students

Registration begins on March 4, 2015. Complete and sign the Application Form for Non-JTS Students Only, and submit an official copy of a transcript indicating either a degree and the year earned or your current educational status. The application fee must be submitted in full before your application form can be processed.

Full payment of both tuition and fees must be made before the first day of class. 
Please be sure to bring a government-issued photo ID when you visit JTS.

Tuition for Summer Sessions
Summer Course (3 credits) $3,810 (JTS List College students: $1,860)
Auditor Fee (per course) $1,050
Intensive Hebrew Language Session
Hebrew 5001, 5103 $5,040 (All JTS students: $4,890)
Hebrew 5201 $3,790
Hebrew 5203 $3,790
Application Fee $55 total (nonrefundable)
Registration Fee $45 per session
Student Activities Fee $30 per session


Summer Learners Program

Classes in the Summer Learners Program are offered at a special rate of $525 per class.
Please visit the Summer Learners page for more information.

Please Note:

• Registration is closed after the second class.
• Tuition is not refundable after the second class.
• Auditors do not receive course credit. 
• All students new to JTS are required to take a Hebrew placement exam. No matter what your anticipated placement level is, please apply for HEB 5001. The department will place students in the appropiate class. Registration will be updated upon the result of the placement exam. 


Limited housing is available in one of JTS's residence halls on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see Residence Life for more details. Please direct any questions regarding housing to the Office of Residence Life. Please see below for that office's contact information.

Financial Aid

Some financial aid is available for current JTS students. Please see Financial Aid for more details.

Directory of Services

Department Area of Responsibility Contact Information
Summer Sessions Office General Information (212) 678-8966
Bursar Billing (212) 678-8829
Office of Residence Life Residence Halls (212) 678-8035  
The Library Circulation Desk (212) 678-8844
List College Undergraduate Advising (212) 678-8826
Registrar Transcripts / Course Registration (212) 678-8007
Student Life Student Activities (212) 678-8839
Hebrew Language Intensive Hebrew Language Session (212) 678-8972
Computer Operations Internet, Email Accounts (212) 678-8901

Summer Sessions
The Jewish Theological Seminary
3080 Broadway, Box #65
New York, NY 10027-4649
Phone: (212) 678-8966
Fax: (212) 678-8961 

If there is insufficient registration in any course, JTS reserves the right to cancel that course. Enrollment is limited, and we recommend that you submit the appropriate form as soon as you are able.