Lab Guidelines

Technical Assistance:
If you encounter a technical problem, please seek help from the technician at the Helpdesk. Please note: The technician cannot help you with the content of the software or with Hebrew. For this kind of help, please come during Office Hours.

Software CDs are available from the technicians. You must sign up at the desk in order to use these CDs.

Saving Your Files:
We cannot be held responsible for your files. We advise you to save your files to your own CD or other storage device. If you need to save files on the PC, please save your files to the "My Documents" folder with your initials attached. Please do not save files to the PC desktop!

There is one shared printer in the lab. In order to identify your document, please put your initials on it before sending it to the printer.

PC Configurations:
Do not change the PC configuration (Screen Saver, Tool Bar, Language Bar, Internet Options, etc). Do not plug in or unplug the headset. If you have a problem with a recording, please seek assistance from the Helpdesk.

Eating, drinking, and talking on cell phones are not allowed in the lab!

 We appreciate your cooperation.


Abraham and Mollie Goodman Language Resource Center

המעבדה הלשונית על שם גודמן