Religious Life at JTS

Religious life at JTS is organized in a variety of arenas including the Women's League Seminary Synagogue, and through Religious Activities and Programming coordinated by the Office of Student Life. 

Jewish Life Directors

The Jewish Life Directors help create and foster community in the Mathilde Schechter, Goldsmith, and Brush residence halls through Jewish cultural, religious, and educational programming; home hospitality; and their daily interactions with the residents.


The Rabbinical School and William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education have rabbis-in-residence on their staff. These individuals offer religious counseling to the students and plan educational programs, workshops, and opportunities to further Jewish learning as a supplement to the curriculum. 

Jewish Life in New York City

In addition to religious life on the JTS campus and in the residence halls, students take advantage of the Jewish communities at Columbia/Barnard Hillel and numerous synagogues and Jewish organizations on the Upper West Side.