Religious Activities and Programming

Shabbat and Holiday Observances/Celebrations

Shabbat: Student Life and the student organizations host communal Shabbat dinners at different times throughout the school year either at JTS or in the residence halls. Get to know new students, sing zmirot, engage in great conversation, and and take a break from cooking!

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: Students are welcome to attend JTS for High Holiday services.

Sukkot: Sukkot is not to be missed at JTS. JTS builds two large sukkot in the courtyard that are decorated by members of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. In addition, students in the residence halls, together with the staff, build a sukkah for each building. The two main JTS sukkot seat over 250 people and are booked to capacity during the first days of yom tov and on Shabbat for catered meals coordinated by the Office of Student Life. Reservations are first-come, first-served, and information about signing up for meals are advertised in Divrei HaYamim, our weekly newsletter, and over email. The cost of the meals is heavily subsidized for students. During Hol Hamoed and the last days of yom tov, students are welcome to eat meals in the sukkot. The dining hall is usually open for dinner during Hol Hamoed.

Simhat Torah: Join the JTS community for singing and dancing with the Sifrei Torah in our synagogues. On Erev Simhat Torah, many students also enjoy the festivities at Columbia/Barnard Hillel and synagogues on the Upper West Side.

Purim: On Erev Purim, students enjoy festive services at JTS, Columbia, or the Upper West Side. On Purim, the Office of Student Life organizes a se’udah with student entertainment. Students may reserve a seat at the se’udah at a subsidized price.

Pesah: Since JTS classes are not held during the week of Passover, most students visit family or friends for the sedarim or enjoy a communal seder in New York City. The JTS Dining Hall is closed throughout Passover, however, during Hol Hamoed, many kosher restaurants are open in New York City and grocery stores are stocked with kosher for Passover food.

Yom Hasho'ah: The Women's League Seminary Synagogue, in collaboration with the Office of Student Life, organizes an annual memorial program in commemoration of Yom Hasho'ah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, which takes place in the Seminary Synagogue.

Yom Hazikkaron: The Israel Va’ad invites the JTS community each year to a special program to commemorate Yom Hazikkaron, Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day, during Minhah services in the Women’s League Seminary Synagogue.

Yom Ha’atzma'ut: Join the Israel Va’ad for our annual celebration of Yom Ha’atzma'ut, which features singing, dancing, and great Israeli food.