Office of Residence Life (ORL)

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the ORL to create Jewish residential communities that provide all of our residents with quality housing and a supportive framework for understanding the plurality of modern Judaism. We emphasize the importance of students' making choices about modes of Jewish living as part of developing their individual Jewish identities.

Through the provision of cocurricular educational opportunities at our residence halls, we seek to actualize student potential—academically, spiritually, socially, and personally.

Community Standards and Expectations

Conservative Judaism ideals and practices are an integral part of the lifestyle at JTS. Standards of personal conduct and interpersonal relations are a significant part of the Conservative tradition. It is the aim of JTS to assist students in making choices about their observance within the guidelines of the Conservative Movement, and to protecting their rights to so choose, while also upholding the ideals and moral standards of the JTS community.

Residents are expected to follow these standards and at the same time respect individual differences within the spectrum of the Conservative Movement. Failure to uphold them is considered grounds for the cancellation of housing privileges and may become grounds to bar a student and his/her guests from JTS housing altogether.

Read a list of resident rights and responsiblities.