Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow eBook Available Now

JTS is proud to present Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow, a collection of essays by Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen—seventh chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary and one of the world's foremost authorities on American Judaism—that explore essential matters of Jewish belief, practice, community, and identity from a Conservative perspective.

eBook Available Now

Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow "Our hope is that the essays will assist the reader in deciding where to stand on essential matters of Jewish belief and practice, and will help teachers charged with transmitting Jewish learning truthfully and passionately to perform that important task. The Jewish Theological Seminary has long played the role of intellectual and spiritual leader and guide in the lives of Jews in North America and the world over. I am pleased that our faculty is able to continue that leadership with this series, thanks to the generous support of the Kazis Family Foundation." 

— Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen 

Covenant: "I have long been shaped by the conviction . . . that the Jewish part of myself need not be—indeed, should not be—separate from the rest of who I am. The Torah demands and  offers wholeness."

Community:  "Successful Conservative institutions are true communities of mutual responsibility and shared commitment; places where people not only know your name but need and value your gifts.

On  Peoplehood and Israel:  "Conservative Jews' enthusiasm for Zionism and Israel is bound up in our guiding, fundamental conviction that the Torah is meant to be lived fully by the Jewish people in the radically new circumstances of modernity."

On  Learning:  "Learning in Conservative auspices should be a spiritual experience that addresses the deepest strivings of the self."

On  Mitzvah:  "Don't present mitzvah as all or nothing, take it or leave it, black or white."

On  Tefillahand Synagogue: "A synagogue's success as a house of prayer correlates directly with its standing as a house of assembly, a community of shared responsibility, celebration, and meanin g."

On  Jews and Others:  "One of the glories of our tradition . . . is its call to join with non-Jews in building a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world." 

JTS is piloting a curriculum based around Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow . Rabbis, educators, and congregations interested in using these resources in the future should contact Rabbi Tim Bernard at or (212) 678-8908 for additional information.