Andrea Deck

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland

Degree Program, JTS: Master of Arts in Jewish Studies, The Graduate School of JTS, and Master of Science in Social Work, Columbia University School of Social Work (Dual Degree, Jewish Professional Leadership)

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Design, Franklin and Marshall College

After JTS (I plan to) . . . work for at least two years for a Jewish Federation because of my Federation Executive Recruitment and Education Program graduate school scholarship.

Extracurricular/Cocurricular Activities: I dance and knit competitively, and am part of a few knitting and design communities in the area. With these things, school, and my job, it's been a little hectic.

Internship(s): For my studies at the Columbia University School of Social Work, I am completing an internship with the Federation Employment and Guidance Service, where I help provide social services to the Young Adult Borough Centers (alternative high school solution for the overage and undercredited) in the Bronx area.  

Favorite Class at JTS: My favorite class at JTS has been my Jewish Professional Leadership Seminar. The JPL Seminar offers voices from the professional world and a supportive, warm environment to bond as a cohort. This has provided an invaluable support system and networking opportunities. It's also a nice way to keep together as a group despite our different interests. 

Best JTS Experience: The opportunity to discuss the vision of Nuns on the Bus (a Catholic social justice lobby) with its founder, Sister Mary Campbell. Not only is Sister Mary an incredible visionary who has important things to say on the national stage about the US budget and social programs like health care and welfare, but the opportunity to engage in dialogue with a pioneer and thinker in this way (as a small group) was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  

Two Favorite Things About Living in New York City:1. Late night take-out.  2. How many things I can do in a week, a month, a year? I have taken classes in spinning on a bicycle and in spinning wool, ukulele, trapeze, swimming, Russian and every other type of dance imaginable, Hebrew, design, child care, Jewish cooking, kosher wine, Kabbalah, prayer through yoga, and being a Jew in modern Internet culture—and I still sign up for things almost every week. I've also participated in services in six different congregations across denominations.  

Andrea Deck