JTS Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is My Email Address?
The standard format for an account is the first two letters of your first name followed by your last name. Example: John Smith is josmith@jtsa.edu. You cannot change your JTS username. Please contact the JTS Help Desk by email at support@jtsa.edu or at (212) 678-8901 if you have any questions.

Checking Your JTS Mail Online Using Outlook Web Access (exweb)

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Enter the following URL: exweb.jtsa.edu/
  3. Enter your JTS username in the Username field.
  4. Enter your password in the Password field (the same password you use to log into Blackboard).

Setting Up Gmail to Download JTS Mail

  1. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, and open the Accounts tab.
  2. In the Get mail from other accounts section, click Add another mail account.
  3. Enter the full email address of the account you'd like to access, then click Next Step.
  4. Fill out the fields accordingly. Your username and password are the same as you use for access to Blackboard.
  5. Click Add Account.

Setting Up Another Email Client to Download JTS Mail (Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.)
Want to use another email program to receive your JTS email messages? If so, you'll be asked to designate a new incoming (POP3) and SMTP server. Here are the basic server settings for JTS email:

Incoming Mail
(POP3) Server
Ex.jtsa.edu (Use SSL, port: 995)
Outgoing Mail
(SMTP) Server
We do not provide an SMTP server, please contact your internet access provider for this information
Account Name/
Login Name
The standard format for an account is the first two letters of the individual's first name followed by the individual's last name. Example: John Msith is josmith@jtsa.edu (exactly the same as your Blackboard account)
Email Address Your JTS email address (e.g., josmith@jtsa.edu)
Password Your password consists of your first name + the last 4 digits of your student ID (exactly the same as your blackboard account)

Your other email program will give you the option of either deleting your message from the JTS server after downloading them, or leaving them on the JTS email server so you can see them online in your account, too. Please remember that your mail quota is 300mb. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Support at (212) 678-8901 or email support@jtsa.edu.

Setting Up Other Mobile Devices to Download JTSA Mail
While we fully encourage students to use their email accounts in any manner they choose, we do not provide technical support for setting up your mobile device. We will, however, provide the instructions on this page and it is then the students' responsibility to configure their devices. If you need any further support, please contact your wireless provider.

Protocol URL Port SSL
IMAP exweb.jtsa.edu 993 Yes
POP ex.jtsa.edu 995 Yes
SMTP We do not provide SMTP for our users. Please use the server provided by your ISP -- --


(888) 211-4727

(877) 453-1304

(800) 922-0204

(800) 331-0500