Setting up Microsoft Outlook for Your JTS Email Account

Before proceeding, please determine the address of your outgoing mail server (for example,; your Internet service provider can help you with this), and have your username and password ready.

1. Hit Tools on the menu bar.

2. Then select Email Accounts.

3. Select Add a new e-mail account and press Next.

4. Select POP3 as your server type and press Next.

5. Enter your name, JTS email address, JTS username, JTS password, and the server information.

For the incoming mail server, type in

For the outgoing mail server, type in your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) outgoing mail server. In this example, I have used Optimum Online's outgoing mail server. You must contact your ISP to find out the necessary information.

Afterward, click More Settings.

6. In the General tab of the Internet Email Settings window, type in your JTS email address in the Reply E-mail box. This is important, so that all replies are sent back to your JTS account and not your ISP email account. Afterward, hit the Outgoing Server tab.

7. In the Outgoing Server tab, check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Select the Log on using radio button and then type in your username from your ISP. This is usually your full email address. Then type in your password. Afterward, hit the Advanced tab.

8. In the Advanced tab, you can choose to leave mail on the server or let Outlook remove it from the server. If you plan to read messages while you are away from the computer, please check Leave a copy of messages on the server in the Delivery section. You may want to leave it there for a certain amount of time. After selecting the first option, you can select Remove from server after x days (be sure to change the number as necessary). You can also set Outlook to delete messages off the server when you delete a message in Outlook by checking Remove from server when deleted from 'Deleted Items.'