Adult Education

The Office of Community Engagement works closely with Conservative synagogues to create engaging adult education programs, including scholars-in-residence, video-conference learning, and Seminary Shabbatot. We tailor programming to fit each individual synagogue's need.

Scholars-in-Residence: The stellar faculty of The Jewish Theological Seminary will visit your home community for lectures, shabbatot, or adult education programs. We will work with you to structure a program that suits your needs and budget. For information on the topics and available speakers, please visit the JTS Speakers Bureau.

Video-Conference Adult Education: "A Contemporary Beit Midrash: Ancient Texts, Modern Technology." Using the JTS video-conference equipment in the Kripke Tower, JTS partners with congregations to provide ongoing, serious adult education. Congregations with existing video-conference capabilities are encouraged to contact us to work on tailoring a course to fit their needs. Most recently, JTS partnered with congregations to offer courses on "Honorings One's Parents: the Challenge of the Sandwich Generation" and "Isaac Unbound: Three Religious Read the Akedah."

The Mitzvah Initiative: Jewish tradition has always understood that the concept of "mitzvah" embraces a nuance of meanings broader than "commandment" alone. In one of his first initiatives as chancellor of JTS, Chancellor Arnold Eisen has asked Conservative rabbis across the country to begin a serious discussion with their congregants on their personal connection to mitzvah. The initiative is the first step in a longterm goal to create a renewed sense of community within the Conservative Movement. Learn more about the Mitzvah Initiative.

To bring JTS programming to your community or for more information about Community Development at JTS contact:

Educational Outreach
3080 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
(212) 678-8992