Secular Europe, Religious America: Religion, Politics, and the Transatlantic Divide

Laying the Ground for an Intercultural Dialogue

October 30–31, 2005
The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York
Conference cosponsored by
The Louis Finkelstein Institute of The Jewish Theological Seminary (New York) and
the Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung (Washington DC), with the participation of
the Foreign Policy Research Institute (Philadelphia) and the Council on Public Policy (Bayreuth)

This conference is devoted to understanding how the religiosity of American society vis-à-vis western European societies exacerbates the tension between the United States and Europe. It also aims to find common ground through shared reflection on the historic, religious roots of Europe and America and, by doing so, reawaken a sense of the distinctiveness of the West in the encounter with other cultures.

Conference Program (PDF, 258KB)

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