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Apply to List College by submitting the Common Application in addition to the List College Supplement.

Joint Program with Columbia University's School of General Studies*
Those interested in the Joint Program should submit a completed application to the List College Admissions Office. List College only accepts the Common Application, in addition to which students must submit the List College Supplement. List College will then distribute the application to Columbia, and the schools will make a joint decision. An application consists of:

  • Application Fee: $65
  • Part 1: Biographical information and answers to both essay questions
  • Part 2: Secondary school report to be submitted by a high school counselor along with a transcript
  • Parts 3A and 3B: Recommendation forms and letters from teachers or professors (Students can submit up to two additional letters of recommendation. Students should not submit more than two additional letters of recommendation.)
  • Part 4: Midyear report to be completed by a high school counselor for those students who are applying regular decision
  • Standardized Test Scores: Scores should be sent directly to List College.
        Our SAT College Code is 2339; the ACT code is 2776

Interviews are not required but are highly encouraged. To schedule an interview, contact the List College Admissions Office at (212) 678-8832.

*Students may not apply to Columbia College or SEAS School of Engineering and the Joint Program.

Double Degree Program with Barnard College
Women applying to Barnard must submit a completed Common Application and the List College Supplement.

In addition, they must submit a completed Common Application and the Barnard College Supplement to the Barnard College Office of Admissions. For questions regarding the Barnard application please be in touch with their Office of Admissions directly at (212) 854-2014 or

Candidates applying early decision to the double degree program can only submit one early decision application. Please submit your application to to JTS as "Early Decision" and your application to Barnard College as "Regular Decision" by November 1. Additionally, it is important that you select the "Double Degree Program" option under Special Programs in the Academics section of the Common Application for Barnard College. The List College and Barnard College offices will ensure that your application is reviewed as early decision.

Decisions on applications to the Double Degree Program are made by the admissions committees of both schools. Women can and are encouraged to apply to both the Joint Program and the Double Degree Program.

Transfer Students
An applicant who has studied at another college or university and wishes to transfer to List College must follow the admissions procedures previously outlined. In addition, candidates must submit a current official transcript. Students must take at least 48 of the 96 Judaica credits required for graduation from List College at JTS. In addition, a student must complete 60 credits of general liberal arts at an accredited college or university.

Students who wish to transfer to List College with fewer than 60 liberal arts credits may transfer to the Joint Program with Columbia University or the Double Degree Program with Barnard College, or they may complete the remaining liberal arts credits at an accredited college or university of their choice.

*Students who have previously applied to Columbia College or the School of Engineering are not eligible to apply to the Joint Program with Columbia's School of General Studies.

Deferring Students

Spending a year abroad between high school and college is a wonderful opportunity to have an experience that is both educational and personally meaningful. If you plan ahead and stay in touch with us, you may also earn up to a semester's worth of credit that will help you "hit the ground running" when you begin your studies at List College.

View the general guidelines for deferring students (PDF).

Nonmatriculated Admission
Students who wish to take courses for credit but do not intend to earn a degree may be admitted as nonmatriculated students. Students currently in good standing at other accredited colleges and universities who wish to simultaneously enroll in List College on a nonmatriculating basis need to submit only an application, a current transcript, and the application fee.

Applications for nonmatriculated students who are not currently enrolled in another college or university must follow the standard application procedure.

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