A Message from Chancellor Eisen Regarding Hurricane Sandy

Dear JTS Community,

We've just been through one of the most destructive storms in the history of the New York City area. Some of us, safe indoors, have watched the hurricane unfold on TV and on the Internet. Others have experienced its devastating impact firsthand. A good many members of our community are still without power in their homes, and/or are coping with floodwaters. We wish them well, and offer them our prayers and the promise of assistance.

I am thankful to be able to report that our students in the JTS residence halls are safe, and that 3080 Broadway suffered little damage. This is certainly a time to count one's blessings and take stock of one's responsibilities. I think it imperative that we, as an institution, do what we can for people in distress. In that regard, you may have already received an email or seen the post on Facebook from our Va'ad Gemilut Hasadim: Susan and Jack Rudin Center for Community Outreach detailing some of the opportunities available for us in the New York area to reach out with help to those in need. I encourage you to seek out opportunities like these wherever you live. I know that our community will always respond, as it has in the past, with willing hearts and open hands.

In the meantime, I echo Mayor Bloomberg in reminding us all to use sound judgment in determining what is safe and appropriate, given that conditions on the streets are still uncertain. Know you are not alone in facing the storm and its long-term consequences.


Arnold M. Eisen
The Jewish Theological Seminary