A Message from Chancellor Eisen Regarding Hurricane Sandy

Dear JTS Community,

For many of us, the after effects of Hurricane Sandy are still a part of our day-to-day lives. I know of staff, faculty, and students alike who continue to operate without power or heat. Some parents have children who have not yet returned to school. Some members of the community are displaced, and living away from their homes and communities. Others have opened their homes to friends and family who have nowhere else to go. While we have all seen or heard about the many horrors facing those who have lost their houses and whose communities have been washed away, I want to acknowledge that there are members in our community suffering as well.

So, I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for doing your best to get to JTS each day. Thank you for volunteering in your communities and proving that those who connect themselves to JTS are solid members of our society. Thank you for continuing to plug away at the work that must get done in order to keep JTS operating, regardless of what is happening outside our walls.


Arnold M. Eisen
The Jewish Theological Seminary