What We Know Can Make the Difference: New Website Addresses Evaded Issues in Jewish Education

Press Contact: Nina Jacobson
Office: (212) 678-8950
Email: nijacobson@jtsa.edu

November 13, 2008, New York, NY

You are an educator who is concerned that one of your students has an eating disorder. Or, you are a youth-group leader who senses that your chapter president is struggling with her sexual identity.

Addressing Evaded Issues in Jewish Education, a new website that addresses a range of social and emotional topics that are rarely discussed in educational settings, is now available as a resource for anyone who works with Jewish preteens, teens, or young women.

The program, Evaded Issues in Jewish Education, provides educators the right tools to deliver a safer and more positive learning environment for all learners. Appropriate for camps, JCCs, day schools, congregational schools, youth groups, and much more, the Evaded Issues program offers an online resource guide and training workshops.

Addressing Evaded Issues was developed by experts in the field of Jewish education and is administered under the auspices of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary.

A highlight of the website is a downloadable resource guide that provides history and research to equip Jewish educators with a context and content knowledge of the issues; summaries of national programs and resources around the topics of body image and eating disorders, healthy relationships, gender identity and sexuality, and Jewish identity and adolescent girls; examples of professional-development opportunities for staff on evaded curricular issues; and hotlines, websites, and printed materials for Jewish educators, parents, and adolescent girls to have accessible and visible in the classroom.

In addition, training workshops are available to educators or educational venues that focus on inhibitors that prevent the implementation of Educational Jewish Moments or the ways in which practitioners can begin to integrate Educational Jewish Moments into their practice.

Addressing Evaded Issues was initially titled “Addressing the Evaded Curriculum in Jewish Education” and received generous seed funding from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York. Since that time, the project has also received funding from the Dobkin Family Foundation and the Hadassah Foundation.

Dr. Shira D. Epstein, assistant professor in The Davidson School, is project manager. Naomi Less, a graduate of The Davidson School and an accomplished singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and experiential educator, is lead project consultant.

Further information about Addressing Evaded Issues in Jewish Education is available by contacting Dr. Epstein at (212) 280-6044.