JTS Presence Abounds in Innovative Organizations Named to Slingshot 2013–2014

This year's Slingshot: A Resource Guide for Jewish Innovation (Slingshot '13-'14) has named two programs of The Jewish Theological Seminary's National Ramah Commission-and numerous others prominently staffed by JTS alumni-among the most innovative Jewish organizations in the United States. JTS is proud of its alumni, and celebrates this recognition of their outstanding work.

Here are some of the JTS alumni involved in organizations at the forefront of the Slingshot list.

Top 50 Finalist Organizations with Prominent JTS Alumni

David Wolkin (DS '07), Director of Communications
Jane Rachel Schonbrun (GS '04), Director of Foundation Relations
Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay (LC '96, DS '08, RS '08), National Education Director

Eden Village Camp
Yoni Stadlin (DS '08), Codirector and Founder
Jonathan Billig (LC '09), Lead Educator

Hidden Sparks
Debbie Niderberg (GS '88), Executive Director

Jewish Learning Venture
Rabbi Phillip Warmflash (RS '81), Executive Director

Jewish Without Walls
Beth Finger (GS '00), Founder

Jews United for Justice
Rabbi Elizabeth Richman (RS '09), Rabbi-in-Residence and Program Director

The Kavana Cooperative
Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum (GS '04, RS '04), Executive Director and Founder

Dori Frumin Kirshner (DS '96), Executive Director

Rabbis Without Borders
Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu (RS '00), Director

Ramah Service Corps

Ramah Tikvah Network

"Standard Bearer" Organizations with JTS Alumni

Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice
Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block (RS '03), Rabbi-in-Residence and Deputy Director

Ariel Brickman (LC '13), Operations and Programming Officer
Melissa Weintraub (RS '06), Founding Executive Director Emeritus

Gateways Access to Jewish Education
Sharon Goldstein (GS '96), Director of Day School Programs

Sarah Chandler (DS '05, GS '06), Director of Earth Based Spiritual Practice at Adamah Farm, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center
Cheryl Cook (GS '95), Chief Operating Officer
Renna Khuner-Haber (LC '09), Bay Area Program Associate
Anna Stevenson Hanau (LC '04), Associate Director of Food Programs

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal (DS '09, RS '09), Director of Children and Family Education
Rabbi Sharon Brous (RS '01), Founding Rabbi

Melanie Weiss (GS '10), Communications Associate

Mechon Hadar
Rabbi Shai Held (RS '99, GS '99), Rosh Yeshiva and Chair in Jewish Thought
Rabbi Jason Rubenstein (GS '10, RS '11), Dean of Students
Rabbi Elie Kaunfer (RS '07, GS '06), Cofounder, Rosh Yeshiva, and Executive Director
Rabbi Ethan Tucker (GS '06), Cofounder, Dean, and Chair of Jewish Law

Moving Traditions
Rabbi Sara Brandes (RS '08), West Coast Regional Director