Looking to be inspired this Passover? Want to keep the children in your family engaged during the seder? Create new holiday traditions? Deepen your knowledge of Jewish ritual? Enrich your celebration of Passover with these holiday resources from The Jewish Theological Seminary. Hag Sameah.

Sound Bytes of Torah for Passover
ENHANCE your seder experience. GAIN new insights into Passover from JTS professors, rabbis, and cantors. 

WATCH 10 new Passover videos from JTS


Engage Children and Teens at the Passover Seder
Watch Dr. Deborah Miller as she explores the rich educational structure of this powerful ritual.

Create an Engaging Passover Experience for Children with Special Needs
A Sensory-Friendly Passover Seder
 Gluten-Free Matzah: What Is It and Where Can I Get Some?
 Child-Friendly, Accessible Ideas for Your Passover Seder
 Ideas for an Interactive Passover Seder

Jonathan Safran Foer on Passover at JTS
Watch an extraordinary conversation with Jonathan Safran Foer, one of America's most acclaimed and influential authors (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Everything Is Illuminated). Foer discusses the timelessness of the Passover story, the thinking behind the New American Haggadah, the secret desire of Jewish writers to be rabbis, and more.

Image courtesy of The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary

Resources from The JTS Library
Learn about the Prato Haggadah, one of the oldest of all illuminated Spanish Haggadot, and one of the few unfinished illuminated Hebrew manuscripts. 
With the largest collection of Hebraica and Judaica in the Western Hemisphere, The JTS Library offers a wealth of resources to help you celebrate Passover.

Passover Gets a Digital Push
Want to lead a meaningful seder that stands out? Get The Haggadah, an app that features an introduction to and history of the Haggadah from Dr. David Kraemer, Joseph J. and Dora Abbell Librarian and professor of Talmud and Rabbinics, JTS; an audio commentary from Sharon Liberman Mintz, curator of Jewish Art, The JTS Library; and a contemporary, alternative approach to the seder from JTS Rabbinical School student Amichai Lau-Lavie.

Learn More about Passover with These Resources from JTS
Deepen your knowledge of Passover. Learn from JTS experts. Explore the Torah Commentary.
Freedom Torah: Passover Teachings from the JTS Torah Commentary Archives
 Isaac Klein's Laws of Passover
• Passover Through Archaeology and Rare Documents
 Pesah: A Liberating Experience for Women