Really Simple Syndication (RSS) of News Stories:

Now you can get JTS news right on your desktop sent to you through our RSS feed feature. Many news organizations (as varied as the New York Times, BBC, and Soccerway) use RSS as a convenience for their audiences. You can tell your computer to look for our news stories and, whenever we publish one, you get the headline and a link to the full story. And it's all anonymous; you don't have to give out your email address.

How to Receive JTS RSS News Feeds:

Once you have downloaded an aggregator/reader and reviewed the instructions to add/sign up for RSS feeds, simply copy the URL (link found below) for our news story feed into your aggregator/reader. (Alternatively, if you click on the red "RSS" link, a page of code will open with a web address at the top. Don't worry about the code, just copy the URL from the address line and paste it into your aggregator/reader.) From then on, your aggregator will check the JTS site and grab the headline each time we publish a story .

JTS RSS Feed URL Links:

RSS Feed for JTS Press Releases:
School news headlines with links to complete stories.

RSS Feed for JTS News Stories:
School news story headlines with links to complete stories.

RSS Feed for JTS Events:
School events with links to complete stories.

You'll Need an RSS Aggregator/Reader:

You can download an aggregator/reader to your personal machine either as freeware or as a commercial product. Some include a host of features beyond displaying RSS feeds, so you may wish to research and experiment with a variety of products. Some suggested Aggregators/Readers are listed below.

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