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Name: Rabbi Joel Roth
Louis Finkelstein Professor of Talmud and Jewish Law
Department: Talmud and Rabbinics

Rabbi Joel Roth is Louis Finkelstein Professor of Talmud and Jewish Law at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Rabbi Roth also serves as Rosh Yeshiva of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. The yeshiva, founded and maintained by the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism, is under the academic auspices of JTS. An expert in halakhah, Dr. Roth was appointed to the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards in 1978 and served on it until December 2006, including a period of eight years as chairman.

He received his master's degree at JTS, where he was ordained in 1968. That same year, Rabbi Roth was appointed to the faculty of JTS as he continued his studies toward a PhD in Talmud.


"Jewish Law in the Conservative Movement"
"Processes for Change Within Jewish Law"
"The Evolution of Jewish Law"
"Are There Limits to Halakhic Decision-Making?"
"The Law Committee: How It Works? Does It Work?"

Jewish Law
Bioethical Issues
Halakhic Dimensions of Political Issues
Israel Issues from a Halakhic Perspective

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