Speakers Bureau

Name: Samuel Barth

Title: Senior Lecturer of Liturgy and Worship

Rabbi Samuel Barth has taught widely in the Jewish community, as a scholar-in-residence at synagogues, and at retreats and conferences. He brings an easy blend of humor, spirituality, and clear thinking that invites all present to reflect more thoroughly on their prayers, their songs, and their synagogues, and to do this with a smile. Questions and discussion are always a part of his presentations, often allowing Rabbi Barth to bring together quite unlikely and diverse teachings in response to a question.

As a member of the original team of Synagogue 2000, Rabbi Barth has been deeply engaged in the design of approaches that will support congregations in transforming their services to more vibrant and engaging offerings. He has worked as a consultant and guide to synagogues within the Conservative Movement and in other denominations.

Rabbi Barth is glad to work with a congregation to construct a program that meets the specific needs of a community. He is happy to share in leading services; spending time with teens, children, and their families; and with other populations within the congregation. He is glad to serve as a consultant to the leadership teams of synagogues and other organizations.

Professional colleagues-rabbis, hazzanim, educators-often turn to Rabbi Barth, inviting him to work with them as a "coach" while they work as leaders within their congregations. This aspect of his work can be done in person or by utilizing Skype, a VoIP service and software application.

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A Shabbaton, retreat, or lecture series might be based to include subjects such as:

  • "Pray What You Mean, Mean What You Pray: Finding Worlds in the Words of the Siddur"
  • "Services Are Too Long-and I Don't Know the Tunes: What Next?!"
  • "Dis/Ability in Jewish Community Life: Human Wholeness, the Divine Image-a Profound Challenge to Us All"
  • "Somech Noflim: God Supports the Falling, But Where Do I Find God in Shul?"
  • "The Siddur: Our Book of Theology, Spirituality, and Humor"
  • "Kaddish, Kiddush, and Kedushah-the Three K's of Jewish Liturgy"
  • "What's in a Tune? Exploring Melodies and Poetry to Find Meaning and Value"
  • "The Inner Journey of the Soul: Private Prayer and Meditation From Bible to the Present Day"