Speakers Bureau - Titles

"Aggadah as History"

"The Akedah as Paradigm"

"All in the Family: Our Jewishness Past, Present, and Future"

"All Quiet on the Religious Front? The State of Denominational Relations"

"Are There Limits to Halakhic Decision-making?"

"The Art of S. Y. Agnon"

"Baskin-Robbins Has Thirty-one Flavors; How About American Judaism?"

"Beyond Fiddler: How Jews Became Part of Mainstream America"

"Bialik and the Kishinev Pogrom"

"The Bible and the Quran: An Introduction to Islam for Jews"

"The Biblical Narrator as a Multifaceted Craftsman"

"Biblical Prophecy: Why It Began and Why It Ended"

"Biblical Women Revisited"

"Blessings Abundant: On Experiencing and Using the Birchot Hanehenin—the Blessings of Enjoyment"

"Body and Soul: Kabbalistic Reflections on Religious Identity"

"The Book of Psalms"

"A Celebration of the Poetry of Yehuda Amichai"

"The Changing Jewish Family: How Should We Respond?"

"The Condition of American Jewry at 350"

"Conservative Judaism: Past, Present, and Future"

"Conservative Judaism: Past, Present, Future"

"Conservative Judaism: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go"

"A Convincing Prophet: The Persuasive Techniques of Amos"

"Current Trends in Jewish Education: It's Not Your Grandparents' Heder Anymore"

"Current Trends in the Study of the Hebrew Bible"

"Diversity and Divergence in Judaism: The Lessons of History"

"Economic Justice in the Isaiah's Thought"

"Entering the Word, Opening the Heart: Understanding the Mystical Experience of Prayer"

"The End: Jewish Views of the Afterlife"

"The Evolution of Jewish Law"

"Four Stories on Death: A Theodicy of Consolation"

"The Future of Holocaust Memory"

"The Genesis of Ethics: Bible Study and Moral Development"

"God Talk: Talking to Each Other and Our Children about God"

"God's Bodies, God's Selves"

"Goodbye, Columbus, Hello, Christopher: the Evolution of American Jewry"

"Grappling with Jewish Tradition in the Postmodern World"

"The Great Jewish Books"

"Hearing Women's Voices"

"Hero Israel: American Jewish Women of Valor"

"How Can We Speak of God?"

"How Do People Learn Best: Best Practices for Jewish Schools and Educational Settings"

"How Jewish Classics Can Speak to Our Lives"

"How to Read the Bible and How Not To"

"How True Is the Torah?"

"I Peshat the Torah: Contextuality and Spirituality in the Study of Torah"

"The Image of the Arab in Hebrew Literature"

"In Preparation for Passover"

"In the Beginning, There Were . . . Commentaries"

"Introduction to the World of the Rabbis"

"Islamic Reform: A Jewish Perspective"

"Jacob, the Wicked: The Biblical Patriarch in Context"

"Jewish Eating Through the Ages"

"Jewish Education and the Challenge of Continuity"

"Jewish Education Caught in the Crossfire: The Values Wars"

"Jewish Education Today: A Revolution in the Making"

"The Jewish Family: History and Ideology"

"Jewish Law in the Conservative Movement"

"Jewish Security and Jewish Interests in the Early Twenty-first Century"

"Jews and Arabs: The Flourishing of Judeo-Arabic Culture When Islam Ruled the World"

"Jews and Christians Read Scripture"

"The Jews of Spain"

"Journeys to God: The Varieties of Theology in Jewish Mysticism"

"Judaism and Christianity: What Are the Real Differences?"

"King David, the Beloved Villain: or, What Does It Mean to Be Chosen?"

"The Law Committee: How it Works? Does it Work?"

"The Layers of Torah: Interpretation and Divine Presence in Kabbalistic Thought"

"Life, Death, and the Hereafter: The Mysteries of Judaism"


"The Many Faces of Israel Reflected in the Poetry of Yehuda Amichai"

"Midrash: How in the World Did the Rabbis Come Up With This?"

"Moses and God: Face to Face"

"Murder, They Wrote: Murder Narratives in the Hebrew Bible"

"A New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible"

"Opening the Inner Eye: Mystical Texts on the Transformation of Spiritual Awareness"

"The Poetry of Prayer"

"Processes for Change within Jewish Law"

"Qohelet [Ecclesiastes]: Pessimist or Optimist?"

"Raising Jewish Children: A Guide for Parents and Grandparents"

"The Rape of Dinah Within its Literary Frame"

"Reading the Book: Making the Bible a Timeless Text"

"The Reception of the Holocaust in American Life"

"Reflecting on Moses"

"Reflections of Eve"

"The Road to Redemption: Ancient and Modern Readings of Exodus"

"A Sanctuary Transformed: Synagogue Life Today"

"The Search for Meaning in a World of Chaos"

"Seeing a Sound: Revelation at Sinai in the Bible and Jewish Tradition"

"Shabbat as Spiritual Transformation in Kabbalah and Hasidism"

"Sibling Rivalries: Judaism and Christianity in Their Formative Years"

"The Siddur as a Vehicle for Personal and Communal Change"

"The Strange Career of American Hebraism"

"The Survivals of Judaism: How Does Judaism Survive its Crises?"

"The Talmudic Story"

"Teaching the Jewish Tradition: Contemporary Approaches"

"The Tent of Meeting and the Presence of God"

"That Kislev Affair: What Really Happened at Hanukkah"

"They Married What They Wanted to Be: Rebbetzins in American Jewish Life"

"They Wanted Moshiach Then: Messianism in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ancient Judaism"   

"Threes Become Fours, or How the Maxwell House Haggadah Became a Canonized Text"

"To Fill in the Gaps . . . With Tefillin"

"Translating the Bible"

"Twenty Years of Women Rabbis in the Conservative Movement: How Did It Happen? What Remains to Be Done?"

"Two Israelites, Three Opinions: Diversity Within the Bible"

"Two Models of Jewish Spirituality: A Close Look at the First and Last Psalms"

"The Two Torahs and What They Tell Us About How the Rabbis Remade Judaism"

"Understanding God's Justice"

"Unfolding the Text"

"The Virtue of Humility and the Pursuit of Wisdom: Mysticism and Ethics in Judaism"

"Voices of Postmodernism in Israeli Writing"

"Walking the Tightrope: The Tension Between American and Jewish Values"

"We've Come a Long Way, Baby: Feminism and American Judaism"

"What is the Bible?"

"What is Jewish Mysticism? Understanding the Kabbalah"

"What is Midrash?"

"What is the Purpose of Halakhah?"

"What Really Happened at Sinai?"

"Why Do We Need Heroes When We Have Role Models and the Fantastic Four?"

"Wine, Women, and Death: The Golden Age of Hebrew Literature"

"Women and Judaism: What Has Changed and What Has Not"

"The Word Barukh: What's in a Blessing?"