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JTS Partners with Limmud NY in Limmud NY Conference 2016

JTS Partners with Limmud NY

JTS Faculty and Alumni Featured at AJS

JTS Faculty and Alumni Featured at AJS

JTS Faculty and Alumni Highlighted at USCJ Convention 2015

USCJ Convention 2015

Marc Gary on "The JTS Library for the 21st Century"

Times of Israel

Alum Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin and Rabbi Gil Steinlauf Named to "10 American Rabbis You Haven't Heard of, but Should"


"Soundtrack of Our Spirit" Includes Alum Cantor Jonathan Angress, Cantor Sarah Myerson, and Rabbi Jonah Rank


Alum Rabbi Rachel Ain Praises Chancellor Arnold Eisen's Conservative Judaism: Today and Tomorrow

CJ: Voices of Conservative / Masorti Judaism

New Block / Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts Boasts "A Different Kind Of Prayer Education"

Jewish Week

Dr. Alan Mittleman Interviewed for "Of Genetics and the Sanctity of Human Life"


Alum Jacob Cytryn Named to the Fourth Annual “Double Chai in the Chi: 36 Under 36"


Priya: A Fund for Jewish Reproduction, a JTS Innovation Project, Provides "Help for Would-Be Jewish Parents Struggling with Infertility"


Rabbi Daniel Nevins Reflects on “How We Changed Our Thinking on Gay Marriage”

New York Times

“Cooley Partner Levine to Take Helm of JTS Board”

New York Law Journal

“Six JTS Alumni Awarded Seeds of Innovation Grants”

eJewish Philanthropy

Student Bronwen Mullen's Project Meta- Phys -Ed Spotlighted in Bedford+Bowery


"High Culture in the Hills” Highlights JTS in the Berkshires

Jewish Week

Alum Rabbi Rachel Isaacs Is Spotlighted in "In Maine, the ‘Invisible’ Jews of Rural America Discuss Their Unique Challenge”


“Schmaltz and Sturgeon Made Me Remember My Jewish Roots” Consults Dr. David Kraemer


“The Man Who Stole Nazi-Era History from the Streets” Quotes Dr. David Kraemer

New York Times

Alum Rabbi Jessica Minnen Leads “Where Mincha Goes Ecstatic”

Jewish Week

Incoming Student Shachar Cohen-Hodos Is “Building Interfaith Bridges”

Jewish Journal

“Combining Faith, Service, WVU Grad Sets Sights as Air Force Chaplain” Profiles Incoming Student Ze’ev Lowenberg

Jewish Chronicle

“Bring on the Portable Shabbat” Features Alum Rabbi Jessica Minnen


“Northwest Houston Celebrates New Torah” Highlights JTS Gladstein Fellow Rabbi Rami Schwartzer

Jewish Herald Voice

“JTS’s Dr. Mittleman Gets Grant for Book on Philosophy of Holiness”

Jewish Voice

Publishers Weekly Reviews Professor Benjamin Sommer’s Recent Book

Publishers Weekly

“At JTS, Cardinal Dolan Says Catholic-Jewish Relations Are Strong”


Alum Francine Klagsbrun Reflects on How “Three Decades Later, Conservative Women Rabbis Have Made an Impact”

Jewish Week

“[Alum]Cantor Mizrahi Celebrates 25 Years of Jewish Music—and Jazz”

Chicago Tribune

“Jewish Boxers and Wrestlers, and Yiddish Fighting Words, at Yivo Institute Exhibition” Spotlights Alum Eddy Portnoy

New York Times

Student Saul Kaiserman Advocates for “Studying Our History to Build a Jewish Future”

eJewish Philanthropy

“Turning Our Teenagers into Social Entrepreneurs” by JTS Alum Rabbi Jesse Olitzky and Student Andrea Fleishaker

eJewish Philanthropy

“Identity, Community, Sexuality”: An Introduction to a Reader's Guide on LGBT Issues by Rabbi Daniel Nevins

Berman Jewish Policy Archive

Student Lauren Applebaum Offers Suggestions for “Teaching about Israel after Election Day. . . and Every Other Day”

eJewish Philanthropy

Alum Rabbi Jesse Olitzky and Student Andrea Fleishaker Discuss “Turning Our Teenagers into Social Entrepreneurs”

eJewish Philanthropy

“Introducing: Girls in Trouble” Featuring Alum Alicia Jo Rabins

Willamette Week

“Lights, Cameras, Action Research!—Moviemaking as a Pedagogy for Constructivist Israel Education” by Ofra Backenroth, Associate Dean, The Davidson School

Journal of Jewish Education

“‘Top X: Bible Weather’ Review: Perfect Storm of Religion, Science” Features Dr. Alan Cooper


JustCity Leadership Institute Leaders Aliyah Vinikoor and Ilana Krakowski Make an Argument for “Intentional Community Building: The Missing Ingredient for Jewish Teens”

eJewish Philanthropy

This “Plaza Jewish Grants” Announcement Features the Recent Grant Awarded to the Center for Pastoral Education at JTS


“Environmental Tikkun Olam Hits the Big Apple” Quotes Aliyah Vinikoor

Times of Israel

"Limmud NY Launches Rabbinic Student Track" Quotes Student Zohar Atkins

Jewish Week

JTS Library Item on Loan at Morgan Library & Museum

Jewish Week

Alum Mark R. Cohen Shares "What I Learned Teaching Arabs About Judaism in Abu Dhabi"

Jewish Daily Forward

Masorti on Campus, Sponsored by JTS, Is “Building Campus Community”

Baltimore Jewish Times

“From the Community: Introducing the New Executive Director at BHCBE”: Alum Elly Bauman

Chicago Tribune

"Up from Sha Na Na" Puts Dr. Alan Cooper in the Spotlight

Power Line

"Conservative Flagship to Finance Capital Improvement by Selling Dorms, Air Rights"


“Natan Fund Unveils Newest ROI Entrepreneurs Grant Recipients,” Including Student Amichai Lau-Lavie's Project, Digital Shmita

Jewish Business News

"What Jewish Ethics Tell Us about Deflategate" Consults Rabbi David Hoffman


"NHL Commish Is JTS’ Iceman Cometh"

Jewish Week

Westchester Jewish Council Honors Alum Elliot Forchheimer

Jewish Week

Alum Rabbi Jesse Olitzky Reflects on "Letting Martin Luther King's Legacy Snap Us Out of Complacency"


"Moving and Shaking: Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny, BJE and More"

Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

"Prayer for Muslim-Jewish Relations" Nods to JTS's Work in Interreligious Dialogue

Huffington Post

"JCC Assn. Names [JTS Alum Dr. Stephen Hazan] Arnoff as New Executive Director"

San Diego Jewish World

"JELI Cohorts Hit the Road"

JCC Circle

“E.J. Dionne: Questioning Our Questions” Quotes Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen

Washington Post

“Light in Unexpected Places: My Post-Hanukkah Report” Spotlights Rabbi Mychal Springer and "Hanukkah Reignited!" at JTS

Jewish Daily Forward

A Participant of The JTS Library's "People of the Book in the Land of the Book" Describes "A Trip to the Library"


"Female Rabbis on the Forefront of Jewish Renewal" Profiles Alumni Rabbis Naomi Levy, Sharon Brous, and Rachel Nussbaum

Times of Israel

Roz Chast Discusses Her Recent Graphic Memoir at JTS

New Jersey Jewish News

"After Rabbi's Arrest, Local Women 'Take Back The Mikvah'" Features Alum Rabbi Jess Minnen's JTS Innovation Project Seven Wells

NPR Station WAMU 88.5, American University Radio

“JTS Chancellor Brings Conservative Judaism Message Here”

Cleveland Jewish News

Rabbi Joel Seltzer, Director of Camp Ramah in the Poconos, Says "Yes, I Do Want to Become a Rabbi, Despite All”


“Teaching Women How to Tie Tzitzit” Quotes Rabbinical Student Meggie O’Dell and Features Isha el Akhota: The Women’s Center at JTS

Jewish Daily Forward

Rabbi Lisa Gelber Shares “A Singular Path to Parenthood”

Times of Israel

Coauthor and Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor Allison Kestenbaum's “First Article from Research Project Published!”

UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

“Costello: Is ‘Noah’ Film Sacred Enough?” Quotes Dr. Alan Cooper


“Ramah Camping Movement Raises $11.6M”

eJewish Philanthropy

Dr. Meredith Katz Describes the Educational Opportunities Modeled by JCAT in “‘Dear Mr. Herzl’”

CJ Online

Student Miriam Liebman Is a “Rabbinical Girl”


“For Preschool Teachers, an Israel Immersion” Spotlights JECELI

Jewish Week

Eight JTS Alumni Are “America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis”

Jewish Daily Forward

Alumna Rabbi Lori Koffman Asks “If Not Insured Now, Then When?”

Rabbinical Student Amichai Lau-Lavie’s Lab/Shul Is “Synagogue, Rebooted”

New York Times

Imam Abdullah T. Antepli's Remarks from JTS Event on “The Future of Jewish-Muslim Relations on College Campuses: Hope or Hopeless?”

Huffington Post

Dr. David Kraemer Highlighted as Main Writer of One of These “Jewish Apps to Guide You Through the Holidays”


“MKs to Get Talmud Lesson from US Woman Rabbi," Dr. Judith Hauptman


Chancellor Emeritus Rabbi Ismar Schorsch Explains Why “Ritual Is the DNA that Defines Who We Are”

Jewish Chronicle

Student Lucille Marshall Blogs About “Food: Our Connection to Torah and Today. Nigel Savage on the Jewish Food Movement”


“A River (of Ethics) Runs Through It”: An Interview with Dr. Alan Mittleman

Jewish Week

Dr. Judith Hauptman Talks “Changing Conservative Judaism”

Jewish Week

“JTS Presents ‘Gleanings: Dialogue on Jewish Education from The Davidson School’”

eJewish Philanthropy

“Crash! 1-2-3: How to Navigate Inevitable Change” Features Alumna Rabbi Benay Lappe


"Muslim-Jewish Dialogue at U.S. Colleges Proves Hard to Sustain"


Professor of Jewish History David Fishman Asks “Will Ukraine's Revolution Be Good for Its Jews?”

Jewish Daily Forward

Sharon Liberman Mintz, Curator of Jewish Art at The JTS Library, Helps Visitors “Discover the Art of Matrimony at Columbus Museum of Art”

The International

“Experiential Jewish Education Is Not a Separate Field,” by Mark S. Young, Program Coordinator of the Experiential Learning Initiative

eJewish Philanthropy

“Inter-Religious Studies: A Field of Its Own”

Huffington Post

Student Hillary Chorny’s “‘Scrapbook’ Connects Worshipers to Prayer”

New Jersey Jewish News

Alumna Francine Klagsbrun Explains “What Conservative Judaism Has to Offer"

Jewish Week

Chancellor Arnold Eisen Reflects on “Jewish Ethics and the NFL”

Huffington Post

“How Shamma Friedman, Winner of This Year’s Israel Prize, Revolutionized Talmud Study”

Tablet Magazine

“MJCCA's Shelley Buxbaum Accepts Melton Award for Achievement in Jewish Learning” Honors Alumna Dr. Shelley Buxbaum

Sandy Springs Patch

“State of the Field: Teacher Training for Day Schools” Features Assistant Professor of Jewish Education Dr. Shira Epstein


“One Bead,” the Debut Album of Alumnus Zach Fredman’s Band, The Epichorus, Named One of the “Top 7 Jewish Albums of 2013”

The Jewish Daily Forward

Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen Offers “A L’Chaim to Conservative Judaism.”

The Jewish Week

JTS Student Sara Miriam Liben Asks “Where Have All the Good (Conservative) Men Gone?”

The Times of Israel

"Water Log" Reviews Blind Impress at JTS

Jewish Week

Alumna Rabbi Rachel Isaacs Is “Bridging Jewish Communities”

Colby Magazine

“Deerfield Arts Bank to Open in Former Bank of America,” Orchestrated by Alumna Jane Trigere

The Recorder

“Maimonides Would Have Approved”: German Illuminated Mishneh Torah on Loan from JTS at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Wall Street Journal

Joint Program Student Daniel Sobajian Is "L. A. Teen Inspired to ‘Make a Difference'"

j. Weekly

Happy Hanukkah from Chancellor Eisen and His Rabbinic Cabinet

Happy Hanukkah from Chancellor Eisen and His Rabbinic Cabinet

“Kol Shalom Offers Day of Learning in Rockville” Highlights JTS Associate Professor Marjorie Lehman

Washington Jewish Week

Dr. Zachary Lasker on the Engagement of Students in Religious Schools

eJewish Philanthropy

“Yossi Klein Halevi: I Am Looking for the Vanished Israel”


“Women Invited to Hear Feminist Biblical Scholar during Jewish Women’s University for a Day”

Jewish Herald Voice

JTS’s Center for Pastoral Education's Chaplain Allison Kestenbaum Discusses Spiritual Care after Traumatic Events

UJA Federation of New York

JTS Student Olga Lara Spotlighted as “Woman Driven to Boost Access to Jewish Adult Education”

Houston Chronicle

"'Conversation of a Century'" Quotes Chancellor Eisen and Recognizes Alumni Rabbis Shai Held and Sharon Brous


JTS Alumna Rabbi Julie Roth Honored with 2013 Richard M. Joel Exemplar of Excellence Award

The Princeton Packet

"Second Cohort of JELI Fellows Begin Training Program"

JCC Association

Read Chancellor Eisen's Article, "Bridging the Secular/Religious Divide in Ourselves and the World"

The Huffington Post

“In-Marriage: A New Discussion,” a Conversation with a Recent Essay by JTS Professor Jack Wertheimer

The Jewish Week

"High Holy Days in Unholy Places" Features JTS Professor Rabbi Judith Hauptman


“Upbin Is JTS’ Florida Rabbinic Fellow”

Jewish Journal

“New Program Seeks to Reframe Hebrew School” Spotlights The Davidson School’s ReFrame Program

CJ Online

DSLTI-Inspired “Youth Movement Sweeping Westchester Day Schools”

The Jewish Week

“Why Recent Grads Are Swarming Startups” Quotes Recent Graduate Ron Shapiro


JTS Alumnus Rabbi Gerald Sussman is Dubbed “The Globetrotting Rabbi”

The Jewish Week

“First Cohort of the Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Institute Completes Training”

eJewish Philanthropy

JTS Alumna Hazzan Joanna Dulkin Is Profiled in “Cantor Relishes Profession’s Changing Role”

New Jersey Jewish News

“Hillel JUC Reorganizes; New Professionals Hired” Features JTS Alumna Danielle Kranjec

The Jewish Chronicle

Chicago's 36 Under 36 List Includes JTS Graduate Rabbi David Russo


Translator Dr. Robert Alter Describes JTS's Influence on His Career

Jewish Ledger

JTS's Progressive Judaism Is Cited in “Edie Windsor’s Lawyer and the Daughters of Zelophehad”

Jewish Journal

“Israel Advocacy: Please Move Forward” Lauds The Davidson School's Kesher Hadash Program

The Jewish Week

JTS Alumna Rabbi Jill Hammer’s New Model of Spiritual Leadership


Read about the Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) Conference at JTS

Jim Joseph Foundation

Two JTS Alumni and One Incoming Student Named “36 Under 36”

The Jewish Week

Look for JTS's Speaker Congressman John R. Lewis in "Best Commencement Speeches 2013: The Good Bits of Advice to Remember"

The Huffington Post

"eLearning Faculty Fellowship Launched" by JTS, HUC-JIR, and YU

The Jewish Voice

"Modern-Day Rabbi Must Be CEO, Teacher and Spiritual Leader at Once": A Look at JTS's Progressive Rabbinics

The Jewish Daily Forward

"A Tribute to Rabbi Neil Gillman"

The Jewish Week

"BGU, JTS Team Up for Joint Israel Studies Program"

The Jerusalem Post

"Roll Over Reb Nachman"

The Jewish Week

"Perfecting Their 'Elevator Speeches'": A Piece on JTS's Pitch Night

The Jewish Week

Rabbi Mychal Springer Quoted in “Conference to Address Importance of Spiritual Care”

Canadian Jewish News

Read About the Work of the Jewish Early Childhood Leadership Institute

Jim Joseph Foundation

“JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen Emphasizes That Jews Are Both a People and a Religion”

Westchester Jewish Life

Met Museum Announces New Exhibition Featuring Work from The JTS Library

Broadway World

17 JTS Alumni Featured in "America's Top 50 Rabbis for 2013"

The Daily Beast

10 JTS Graduates Included in "America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis"

The Jewish Daily Forward

Read "Contemplating the Meaning of Jewish Art at JTS"

The Jewish Daily Forward

“Faith and Footwear: Putting Their Best Feet Forward” Spotlights JTS Professor Edna Nahshon

The Economist

“Make Judaism in Israel a Force for Inclusivity, Not Discrimination”


"What Does It Mean to Be An Israel Educator?”

eJewish Philanthropy

“Reading the Visual / Visualizing the Text” Featured in the Jewish Week

The Jewish Week

“JTS Rarities Receive Financial Shot in the Arm”

The Jewish Daily Forward

Read Chancellor Arnold Eisen's Blog: "Lights Against the Darkness"

On My Mind Blog

“On Being” with Krista Tippett rebroadcasts an interview with Chancellor Arnold Eisen

American Public Media

Read "A Midlife Song of Praise" in The Jewish Week

The Jewish Week mentions JTS in "Annual List of 'The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose' Has Lots of Statistics, But Is It a Guide?"

Samantha Vinokor (DS '14) is quoted in "Study: Young Pro-Israel Activists are Diverse Ideologically, Religiously"

The Davidson School's new Kesher Hadash Israel Program is "Bringing Israeli Education Home"

The Jewish Daily Forward

Jewish Week features The Davidson School’s new Israel program in "Kesher Hadash: Forging Their Own ‘New Connection’”

The Jewish Week

Read Chancellor Eisen's article, "A New Page for Jewish Learning"

The Wall Street Journal

Read Chancellor Eisen’s article, “Make Some Noise in Synagogue”

Tablet Magazine

Read Chancellor Eisen’s Letter to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Read Chancellor Eisen’s Letter to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Conservative Movement: Yes Gay Marriage, No Shabbat Tech

36 Under 36 May 2012

Benzion Netanyahu, Scholar Who Saw Lessons in History

Stories of Suffering in Talmudic Literature

Police Detain Women at Kotel Over Prayer Shawls

Local Rabbis Meet With Obama

Holiness After the Death of 6 Million

Hoboken’s Moishe House Helps Young Jewish Adults Keep Connected to their Faith

Hebrew Language, Key in Israel Education

An App That'll Chant Your Haftarah Portion

America's Top 50 Rabbis for 2012

Adult Ed Growing, At A Distance

The Rabbi is a Cop

The Torah and Making Sacred Spaces

'Specialty' Camp Boom

Congregation B’nai Kabul

The Dog Wags the Tail: Successful Educational Transformation

Moses, Pharaoh and the Candidates

In Chancellor Eisen's article—"Moses, Pharaoh, and the Candidates"—on, he compares the leadership of Moses with that of Republican presidential candidates.

Pregnant Pause

Rabbi Mychal Springer is quoted in's article "Pregnant Pause," about superstition during pregnancy.

Examining Unconventional Judaism at UCLA

"800,000: That's the number of Jews who come in contact with Orthodox Judaism annually," Dr. Jack Wertheimer is quoted as telling a symposium in February at UCLA. His presentation is summarized in the article "Examining Unconventional Judaism at UCLA."

Justice Breyer at JTS

JTS's Justice Stephen G. Breyer lecture, "Making Our Democracy Work," is covered by the New Jersey Jewish News in "Justice Breyer at JTS."

The Voices Of Terezin

The Jewish Week writes about "Praying for Our Lives," which premiered on February 4 at Symphony Space in Manhattan. The Cassatt Quartet commissioned and performed this new piece by JTS Assistant Adjunct Professor Gerald Cohen, who was inspired by music written at Terezin.

Pastoral Education Edges Into Mainstream

Rabbi Mychal Springer, director of JTS’s Center for Clinical Pastoral Education, is quoted in the Jewish Week’s “Pastoral Education Edges Into Mainstream.” The article reports on the field of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), which Dr. Springer helped to pioneer; the recent UJA-Federation of New York CPE conference, at which Dr. Springer spoke; and the news that JTS has made CPE mandatory for all incoming rabbinic students.

Day School Numbers Not So Bad

Writing in the Forward about survey data from the AVI CHAI Foundation, Dr. Jack Wertheimer suggests that the declining “Day School Numbers [Are] Not So Bad,” and the system itself is not in decline.

Framing the Training for Our Emerging Jewish Experiential Educators

A recent article on—“Framing the Training for Our Emerging Jewish Experiential Educators”—describes the approach that Dr. Jeffrey Kress and Program Coordinator Mark S. Young took when designing and implementing The Davidson School’s first-year seminar in Experiential Learning for its master’s program in Jewish Experiential Education.

Tim Tebow and the Lessons of Hanukkah

Siddur: 'Thank God for Making Me a Woman'

Dr. David Kraemer and JTS are referenced in The Forward in an article titled “Siddur: ‘Thank God for Making Me a Woman,’” about feminism in Judaism.

From Darkness to Light: Entering Holy Time

In “From Darkness to Light: Entering Holy Time,” Dr. Eitan Fishbane says that “the candles we light at this darkest time of the year also remind us of our yearning to reconnect with the Source that is all light, the great and unified flame of Being that ignites unique sparks of spiritual awareness in each of us.”

Schechter Institute Opens New Jerusalem Campus

The JTA reports in “Schechter Institute Opens New Jerusalem Campus” that the Schecter Institute, built on JTS-owned property, will now house the largest master's of Jewish Studies program in Israel.

Acts of Kindness, Acts of Shame

Rabbi Lori Forman-Jacobi, principal of the Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School of The Jewish Theological Seminary, wrote an op-ed piece called “Acts of Kindness, Acts of Shame” for the Jewish Week. In it she talks about bringing lessons from real life to her students at Ivry Prozdor: some stories of altruism and some that cause consternation to the Jewish community.

Promoting Men's Jewish Engagement

US Social Work Students Visit Israel

The Pilgrim Family: A Jewish Perspective On Thanksgiving

Professor Arnold M. Eisen, chancellor of JTS, gives thanks that Thanksgiving is an American holiday that Jews can fully participate in.

Read Chancellor Eisen's latest for The Huffington Post, "Finding the Joys of Jewish Community at Camp Ramah"

Chancellor Arnold Eisen for The Huffington Post, "Finding the Joys of Jewish Community at Camp Ramah"

Appreciating, and Learning to Talk About, Israel

Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen's Yom Ha'atzma'ut Article in The Jewish Week

Schechter Day Schools Reinvent Identity

Solomon Schechter Day School Association introduces renewed focus on how its schools prepare students to engage the world.

JTS Alumna Nehama Gleiberman Teller at 100: Still a Gitte Neshumah

JTS Alumna Nehama Gleiberman Teller Recalls Her Years at 3080 Broadway


A collection of ketubbot at New York’s Jewish Museum prompts The Jewish Theological Seminary’s chancellor to consider marriage contracts from medieval times to our own

The Whimsy, Confusion and Hope of Purim

Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen’s Purim Article in The Huffington Post

Chancellor Eisen Responds to the Draft USCJ Strategic Plan

Chancellor Eisen Responds to the Draft USCJ Strategic Plan

Presidents and Providence

Professor Arnold M. Eisen, chancellor of JTS, discusses God's action in history in a piece written for Presidents' Day.

The Confounding, All-Penetrating and Revolutionary Voice of God

Professor Arnold M. Eisen, chancellor of JTS, discusses the meaning of the Covenant at Mount Sinai.

Talmud: The Back Story

Dr. Shamma Friedman is profiled in this piece on his efforts to research and illuminate the history of the Talmud.

King and Heschel: A Politics of Prophecy

Professor Arnold M. Eisen, chancellor of JTS, explores the partnership of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King Jr.

Art Intended to Make the End of Life Beautiful

The New York Times Profiles JTS Artist-in-Residence Tobi Kahn

A Jew at Christmas

Professor Arnold M. Eisen, chancellor of JTS, discusses what it means for him to be a Jew at Christmas.

Because Pluralism Is Our Fundamentalism

Professor Burton Visotzky is photographed in New York Magazine: “Reasons to Love New York”

The Red Bridle

Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky discusses why we are commanded not to look away from poverty.

Small-City Congregations Try to Preserve Rituals of Jewish Life

Rabbi Mychal Springer is quoted in this article

Why a Jewish Seminary Must Find Common Ground With Islam

Chancellor Arnold Eisen Discusses The Need for Interreligious Dialogue and Partnership

Seminal Moment at JTS for Muslim-Jewish Relations in America

Article on the landmark "Judaism and Islam in America Today: Assimilation and Authenticity" event at JTS

At Conservative Seminary, Getting Beyond Park51

Panel featuring JTS chancellor and faculty, along with Islamic academics and laity, draws 700.

Pastoral Care: Crucial Learning We Often Overlook

Rabbi Mychal Springer is cited in this article about the power of emotional learning in CPE programs.

Grant Enables Third Judaic Studies Post at Portland State

JTS alumnus Loren Spielman (GS '10) is hired at Portland State University and cites The Graduate School as a fundamental part of his training for this new role.

Newly Ordained Find the 2010 Spiritual Job Market a Tough Place To Sell Their Wares

Dean Daniel Nevins is quoted in this article, which mentions that nearly all of the 2010 JTS Rabbinical School graduates have been able to find employment.

The Cost of Being Jewish

Chancellor Arnold Eisen and Dr. Jack Wertheimer are quoted in this piece about the rising costs of synagogue membership, day school tuition, and summer camp.

Grant Pushes Historic Partnership of Seminaries

An article about the Jim Joseph Foundation’s recent $15 million grant to JTS, HUC, and YU; Chancellor Eisen is quoted.

Goodbye Wissenschaft, Hello Relevance

Brandeis professor Jonathan Sarna praises JTS’s new strategic plan

Growing Up, Kagan Tests Boundaries of Her Faith

Professor Shuly Schwartz, Dean of List College, is quoted in this piece about Supreme Court Justice nominee Elana Kagan’s Jewish upbringing.

How does a rabbi get involved in dialogue with Muslims?

An interview with Burt Visotsky about his work with the Muslim community

Yiddish studies center to open in Israel

A press release announces David Roskies appointment as the head of the new Yiddish studies center at Ben Gurion University in Israel

Jewish scholar says you are what you don’t eat

Do-It-Yourself Judaica

Reviving ‘Esther’ and Reaffirming a Mission

Playbill - Hugo Weisgall's Esther

Heavenly Bodies-A new book probes the question of whether the Hebrew God is multiple or one

JTS students name Teaneck man ‘professor of the year’

Greenbaum book explores the Finkelstein years at JTS

A Treasure-Trove of Ideas and Writers

Pregnant Pause