JTS Student Sara Miriam Liben Asks “Where Have All the Good (Conservative) Men Gone?”

"My senior year of college I was spending time with five young men who had all been close friends of mine throughout our time in United Synagogue Youth. We were sipping beers and noshing on pretzels, a casual Saturday afternoon in the New York City winter, as they recalled how a few hours earlier they sat together in Shabbat morning services. 'Look where we've ended up,' they laughed.

At first glance, it was a beautiful moment. These boys who I had known in high school as fellow superstars in our United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism regions were on the path to become leaders, lay or professional, in the Conservative movement. Several of them served on USY's International Board and were current staff members at Ramah camps. Some, like myself, children of Conservative Rabbis. Quick- call up USCJ! Write an article in CJ: Voices of Conservative/Masorti Judaism! Look at us, still friends, raised as committed Conservative Jews, keeping Shabbat. A dream come true, right? Maybe not. Four years ago, I never would have predicted that their Shabbat morning experience of choice would entail praying on the men's side of themechitza in the Orthodox minyan at Columbia/Barnard Hillel."

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