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Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society

US ISSN 0010-2016

The Jewish Theological Seminary
3080 Broadway
New York, NY 10027-4649

April 22, 2009


Publication history: Volume 31 was sent to subscribers on March 1, 2009. Volume 32 is expected to be published in March 2010.

Prepayment: Now required for volume 32 only.

Subscription information: Subscription rates: $25 for institutions. Current issue, volume 31. Available back issues (all $20 per volume): volumes 5 (The Gaster Festschrift), 7, 10, 11 (Bravmann Memorial Volume), 14–15, 16/17 (a special double issue, The Bickerman Memorial Volume [$40]), and 18–30. Agency discount 20 percent.

Payment: All checks for the JOURNAL OF THE ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN SOCIETY should be made payable to the Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society (or JANES) and not to The Jewish Theological Seminary.

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