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Show your support
By participating in the cycle of regular contributions, you are showing your support for JTS and the future of our Movement.

Gifts to the JTS Annual Campaign support our core needs that ensure JTS continues to provide the education to train our future leaders. Financial aid, teaching, research and facilities maintenance all are supported by your generosity.

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Attract the best and brightest
To attract the most qualified students, it is imperative to provide the best education possible. Annual Campaign gifts have an impact on the quality of education, renovation and technology.

Subsidize financial aid
Gifts to the Annual Campaign help provide financial aid for current students. The education of all JTS graduates is partially subsidized by the generosity of our donors.

A New Light: The JTS Capital Campaign
Consistently rated among the top four hundred American philanthropies, JTS embarked upon this campaign in 1998 on solid financial footing. But our fiscal equilibrium depends on supporters like you. JTS relies on private donations for more than 65 percent of the $26 million annual budget, an astonishing $17 million.

That means JTS occupies an unusual place, financially speaking. Most schools rely on tuition as a principal source of income or funding; in fact, tuition often provides 40 or 50 percent of their yearly income. At JTS, however, tuition revenue is well under 20 percent of our total income. Not only are we not tuition driven, we return through financial aid 50 percent of what we collect. And scholarship awards, on average over the last five years, represent 14 percent of our operating budget. Yet we remain committed to admitting students based on their merit, not their financial resources. And we insist on offering our six hundred full-time students a professor/student ratio of one to ten. Finally, while many institutions rely heavily on endowment income, our endowment must grow substantially before it can supply a serious measure of comfort.

At the start of our capital campaign, our endowment was valued at $66 million. Through the current success of our capital campaign, to date we have raised $202 million.

How the campaign works
JTS has energized a dedicated group of leaders committed to helping JTS meet and exceed the goals of this campaign. They have recognized the magnitude and moment of our mission; they know that we must be on rock-solid financial footing to face the challenges ahead. They have given enthusiastically and generously-millions of dollars-to our campaign. We now invite all of our friends to join this effort.

Wherever possible, we ask donors for a total commitment payable over five years that includes annual gifts, a capital gift and a deferred gift.

There are many opportunities to make your mark on this campaign. Through a capital gift you can:

•  Endow a professorship to ensure JTS continues to recruit scholars at the top of their fields;
•  Fund construction of a new dorm for graduate students;
•  Restore a priceless manuscript;
•  Create a named scholarship to provide for the education of a future rabbi;
•  Support our educational website and rabbinic fellows program to enrich the lives of those who cannot access traditional centers of Jewish learning.

We can help you determine the best way for you to join us in this remarkable endeavor. IN whatever way you can, help us to secure our future. For more information about A New Light, the JTS Capital Campaign or to receive a copy of our current priorities, please contact:

Bonnie Epstein 
Vice Chancellor and Chief Development Officer
(212) 678-8923 

Corporate Gifts
JTS prides itself on its affiliation with top professionals and corporations. Through our Kollot: Voices of Learning Rabbinic Fellows program, we learn with Jewish professionals across the country.

In recognition of service to the greater community, each year we honor an outstanding professional in the business world. The professional is honored by JTS for outstanding ethics and community commitment each year at our Louis Marshall Dinner.

Louis Marshall Dinner
Held each fall in New York city, our annual dinner was created in memory of constitutional lawyer Louis B. Marshall who served on the JTS board from 1904 until his death in 1929. Some of the past honorees are Lester Crown, Stanley Tulin, Paul Miller, Steven Roth, Abby Joseph Cohen, Richard & Laura Parsons, Joseph Neubauer & Robert Kaplan.

Simon Rifkind Award Luncheon
Some of the past honorees are Richard Beattie, Robert Morgenthau, Mel Immergut, Randy Mastro. The 2009 Rifkind Luncheon will be held on May 12th honoring Robert Jossen.

Endowed Gifts
For two centuries JTS has grown and prospered thanks to significant endowment gifts from alumni and friends. These gifts to JTS ensure a strong permanent endowment which will help to build and restore campus facilities and sustain a comprehensive range of academic programs.

Gifts toward endowment are invested by JTS, and the income from the gift is directed toward a purpose selected by the donor. Only the income from the principal is expended in accordance with JTS's spending rule, so that the gift continues in perpetuity, helping to safeguard JTS's tradition of excellence against changing economic climates. Endowment opportunities include scholarships, professorships and funds to support teaching.

The Memorial Mosaic
The Jewish Theological Seminary presents an opportunity to memorialize your loved ones with timeless beauty at the heart of Conservative Judaism. Renowned artist Jonathan I. Mandell has created a singular work of art in the style of the ancient mosaics of the Bet Alpha Synagogue. Depicting Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush, the mosaic brings the JTS's logo to life with gems, seashells and ceramic tile.

With your gift to JTS of $18,000, the artist will create a memorial that inscribes-adjacent to the mosaic, in ceramic tiles-the cherished name of a family member or friend.

Your gift is more than a lasting tribute to a loved one. This "Endowment for the Future" will help ensure the continuity and vitality of the spiritual and academic center of Conservative Judaism.

For more information please contact:

Bonnie Epstein 
Vice Chancellor and Chief Development Officer
(212) 678-8923