Women's League Educational Pavilion

Women's Zodiac Murals by Avner Moriah
To adorn the Women's League Educational Pavilion, Avner Moriah, a noted Jerusalem artist, chose to focus on women who had initiated events in Jewish history. He decided to match women from the Torah and midrashim to months in the calendar and a zodiac sign. "Since the pavilion would be dedicated to the education of independent-minded Jewish women, I chose those women who embody contemporary, feminist characteristics," Moriah said.

Each of the fourteen panels of the Women's Zodiac has been reproduced in a limited-number edition. Each lithograph is individually signed and numbered by the artist, and may be purchased singly or as a boxed gift set. For information, contact Torah Fund Campaign, (212) 678-8027.

The entrance to JTS, at 3080 Broadway.