About The Davidson School

The William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary is North America's largest pluralistic school of Jewish education, granting graduate-level degrees in Jewish education and providing services to educators currently in the field. Read below to begin learning about our master's and doctoral programs, and see In the Field for information about opportunities for professional development and curriculum training.  

Drawing upon cutting-edge thinking in both Jewish and general education, at The Davidson School you will learn key ideas and best practices in teaching, experiential education, and leadership in a variety of educational settings from day schools to summer camps, Jewish community centers to congregational schools, Israel experiences to environmental education, and early childhood to adult Jewish learning. The Davidson School faculty will carefully guide your classroom and field experiences, and offer you substantive opportunities to expand your Jewish knowledge and Hebrew language skills. All of these will help you achieve excellence as a Jewish educator. 

Welcoming Community
The Davidson School is a cross-denominational institution that welcomes students from diverse Jewish backgrounds. In the spirit of serious inquiry and mutual respect, we endeavor to explore Judaism in its varied traditions.  

When you graduate, you will be prepared to lead the transformation of people and institutions. Furthermore, you will be a role model for a lifelong path of Jewish intellectual, emotional, and spiritual engagement.

Caring Faculty
The Davidson School's esteemed faculty shares your passion for teaching, learning, and caring about Jewish tradition, and excels in both scholarship and teaching. You and your fellow students will observe and learn from professors who model the principles of education that they teach. Faculty members will also serve as your mentors, creating a spirit of shared community that is a vital element of the Davidson School experience. 

The Hebrew language links Jews around the world and across generations, helping Jews in the Diaspora build a closer relationship to contemporary Israel's culture, political realities, and day-to-day life. Knowledge of Hebrew opens the door to a direct experience with Jewish texts and deepens the sense of Jewish community and peoplehood. As a student of The Davidson School, you learn by using the latest contemporary language-instruction methods, including a state-of-the-art interactive Hebrew language lab. Advanced students have an opportunity to join Ivriyon: Hebrew Immersion Institute for Day School Educators, a summer program that prepares participants to teach in Hebrew.

Financial Aid / Fellowships The Davidson School offers a wide range of merit-based scholarships. Through the generous gifts of many donors, including The William Davidson Foundation and the Jim Joseph Foundation, The Davidson School is able to offer a variety of generous fellowships. 

You may apply for admission to The Davidson School at www.jtsa.edu/admissions. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the director of Admissions at (212) 678-8022, or visit www.jtsa.edu.

Why Choose the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education?

You will:

• Join a learners' community that is rooted in Jewish texts and traditions

• Work with individually assigned advisors to guide course work, practicum placements, and career goals

• Have access to the greatest Jewish library in the Western Hemisphere, world-renowned and accessible to students

• Study Hebrew language, Judaic studies, and pedagogy with outstanding teachers at JTS, Columbia University's Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary

• Join an excellent network of alumni and other mentors in the Jewish education community

• Be inspired by our vision, which is creating the next generation of Jewish education leaders