Master of Arts (MA)
You can impact the way people feel about Jewish tradition and its meaning in their lives by earning your master of arts degree in Jewish Education from the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary. Our graduates are setting the national agenda for Jewish education, and teaching new generations how to see Judaism with fresh eyes. Through training in experiential Jewish education, pedagogy, curriculum, and nonprofit leadership, you will grow and excel as a Jewish educator. In your practicum and specialized courses, you will choose a concentration in Day School Teaching or in Educational Leadership in Synagogues and Communal Settings.

The concentration in Day School Teaching provides the advanced knowledge and pedagogical skills you need to move into day school teaching positions. In your individually designed field practicum, you will work in a local day school two days each week for an entire academic year. This will enable you to experience the life of a school not as a visitor, but rather as a junior faculty member. You will have ongoing opportunities to reflect on your experiences with the help of your expert mentor-teacher.

The concentration in Educational Leadership in Synagogues and Communal Settings prepares you for leadership positions in a variety of educational settings. Through a seminar and an individually designed field practicum, you will gain practical experience by interning at a site with a mentor and develop your knowledge base in educational leadership and nonprofit management. Mentors include a diverse group of talented Jewish educators who will become your colleagues and mentors throughout your career.

The EdD program will raise your level of understanding of pedagogy, support your research interests, and allow you to contribute significant research to the field of Jewish education through your dissertation. 

Doctor of Education (EdD)
If you want to address the growing educational needs of North American Jewish communities at the highest level of scholarship and commitment, earn your doctor of education (EdD) in Jewish Education at The Davidson School. Our doctoral programs are designed to prepare you to lead as an educator, researcher, academician, administrator and pacesetter in the field of Jewish education.

EdD Schedule Options
Because serious Jewish educators are often fully engaged with multiple responsibilities, The Davidson School designed the EdD program with two schedule options:

• The Full-Time EdD Program is ideal if you want to complete your degree requirements in the most expeditious timeframe. As a full-time student, you may be eligible for a variety of generous fellowships, including full-tuition merit fellowships and living stipends.

• The Executive EdD Program is a great option if you are a working, senior educator in Jewish education and want to continue your leadership position in while pursuing doctoral studies. Course work is scheduled in intensive seminar-style classes twice each semester on Sundays and Mondays, and supplemented by online learning technology.

EdD Academic Requirements
For the Full-Time EdD program, you must have four or more years of full-time experience working in the field of Jewish education. For the Executive EdD Program, you must have five or more years of experience in both teaching and administration. Requirements for comprehensive examinations or papers depend on the program you choose. Dissertation requirements are the same no matter which schedule format you select.

All doctoral programs at The Davidson School require 63 credits beyond the master's degree. You must possess substantial graduate-level knowledge in both education and Judaica. In most cases, this includes a master's degree in Jewish Education or other equivalent academic work. You may be able to make up for prerequisites in these areas through additional course work taken while enrolled in the doctoral program.