Doctorate of Education

The doctoral programs of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education are designed to prepare academics and senior professionals for the growing educational needs of North American Jewish communities. Our graduates hold senior roles as educators, researchers, academicians, administrators, and leaders in the field of Jewish education.

Our programs are designed to fit your needs and your schedule. We realize that you have a busy life, so we have two programs from which you can choose: Full Time and Executive Doctoral Program.

Admissions Requirements

  • For the full-time program, applicants should have a minimum of four years of full-time experience working in the field of Jewish education. Applicants to the executive doctoral program must have a minimum of five years of experience in both teaching and administration.
  • Students must possess substantial graduate-level knowledge in both education and Judaica. In most cases, this includes a master's degree in Jewish Education. Please contact the Admissions Office at for details.
  • An interview with the Admissions Committee and dean is required.

EdD Program: Full Time
The William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education offers an EdD in Jewish Education. This full-time doctoral program is designed to prepare academics and senior professionals for the growing educational needs of North American Jewish communities.

The program prepares students for work in administration, supervision, curriculum development, and educational research, and for academic careers in the field of Jewish Education.

The doctoral program requires 63 credits beyond the master's degree. Students accepted to the doctoral program must possess substantial graduate-level knowledge in both education and Judaica. This can be demonstrated through a master's degree(s) or other equivalent academic work. In some cases, students may be able to make up for deficiencies in these areas through additional course work taken while enrolled in the doctoral program. Full-time doctoral students are eligible for generous full-tuition merit fellowships and living stipends.

See the EdD Full-Time Academic Bulletin.

EdD Program: Executive Doctoral
The Executive Doctoral Program is designed for working, senior Jewish educators who want to continue their leadership positions in Jewish education while pursuing doctoral studies. The program will raise the level of students' understanding of pedagogy, support their research interests, and allow them to contribute significant research to the field of Jewish Education. The Executive Doctoral Program is an exciting and unique opportunity for senior educators who wish to pursue advanced learning and training in educational leadership, pedagogy, curriculum development, and religious development.

View the Academic Bulletin for the EdD Executive Doctoral Program.

Length of Time for the Degree

Students are required to take 63 credits. When students complete their courses, they write a qualifying paper rather than take comprehensive exams. Students then prepare a dissertation proposal, and when it's approved, they begin writing the dissertation.

For the first two years of their program, executive doctoral students are part of a cohort in which they earn 6 credits (12 credits per year) in in-residence two-day seminars on Sundays and Mondays, twice during each semester. Between seminar sessions, students use online learning technology to supplement their classroom learning. Students also enroll in one online learning course each semester.

Students are encouraged to earn additional credit over the summer, and may transfer graduate-level course work into the program with the approval of a program adviser.

The length of the program is individualized and depends on how many credits students need to take, but in general, students have nine years from the date of admission to complete the program, including writing the dissertation. To ensure that participants graduate in time, the expectation is that participants will complete their qualification paper by the end of the semester following the semester in which they took their last course. Participants are expected to complete their proposal by the following semester, usually the fall semester of the fourth or the fifth year and present the proposal by the spring of that year. Participants should allocate two years following the proposal defense for research and the writing of the dissertation. Candidates engaged in the writing of the dissertation may apply to the dean, in writing, for an extension that ordinarily cannot exceed two years. View the program's schedule and other details in the Executive Doctoral section of the Academic Bulletin.

All accepted executive doctoral students receive a 75 percent tuition fellowship.

Application Requirements:

Completed application with $65 application fee

Official GRE of MAT scores

Official transcripts sent to JTS Davidson School Admissions, 3080 Broadway, Box 74, New York, NY 10027

Personal Statement

Short Biographical Statement

Three letters of recommendation, at least two of which should be academic Two writing samples If you have earned an academic degree in the last 10 years, please submit two academic papers written for that degree. If you have been out of school for more than 10 years, please see the list below for some examples of what you might want to submit. Please submit one from List A and one from List B, or two from List B. Both pieces should be substantial works, directed at an adult audience, and written by you within the last 10 years.

List A:

Curriculum or teacher's guide

Other field-based work

List B:

Published article

Original research paper with citations, on the topic of your choice, to be approved by the director of Admissions

The application explains all of the above requirements in additional detail.


Application Deadline

The application deadline is January 2.

Further Questions
Please contact our director of admissions at or (212) 678-8032.