Frequently Asked Questions

About the Application Process

1. What funding is available for master's degree students?
All who are applying for a matriculated master's degree program (in-residence or online) are considered for The Davidson School fellowships.

The Davidson School is pleased to offer generous fellowships of up to 100% tuition converage. Full-time students are funded for up to three years. Part-time (including online) students are funded for up to three years, with the possibility of renewal for a fourth year.

2. What funding is available for full-time doctoral degree students?
All who are applying for a full-time doctoral degree program are considered for The Davidson School merit fellowship and living stipend. The fellowship covers the cost of tuition and also provides a living stipend.

3. When will I find out if I have been admitted?
Admissions decisions are made within four to six weeks of receipt of a completed application.

4. What kinds of grades and test scores do I need to be admitted?
The Davidson School seeks a minimum 3.0 GPA, a GRE verbal score of at least 153, and a GRE analytical writing score of at least a 5. The math score is weighed less heavily than the verbal and writing scores. That being said, it is important for you to know that The Davidson School reviews applications in a holistic manner. No one element of your application will disqualify you from admissions. We are looking for students who are passionate about Jewish education and are able to handle the rigorous course work offered at JTS.

5. Does The Davidson School require an interview?
For MA and EdD prospective students and applicants, The Davidson School requires a preliminary interview with the Admissions Director. For MA students, the School may require an interview with the Admissions committee. for EdD students, there is an interview. All interviews may be conducted in person or on the phone.

6. Do I have to submit my application as a complete packet?
You do not have to submit your application as a complete packet. 

7. I am not a Conservative Jew. Should I still apply?
Yes! The Davidson School is a multi-denominational school of Jewish education. We train people from all backgrounds to be excellent Jewish educators in all settings and movements.

About The Davidson School

1. What degrees can I earn at The Davidson School?
The Davidson School offers a master of arts degree in Jewish Education and a doctorate in Jewish Education.

2. How long is the master’s degree program?
Students attending full-time and in-residence can complete the course work in two to three years. Online students can complete the degree in three to four years. The time it takes someone to complete the degree is dependent on the applicant's level of Hebrew and academic background in Jewish studies when entering the program.

3. Do you offer graduate student housing?
JTS has many options for single and married graduate students. Although housing is not officially guaranteed for graduate students, the JTS housing office has been able to accommodate past requests for JTS housing.

4. Can I transfer graduate-level courses from another school into The Davidson School?
Yes, 9 credits can be transferred from an accredited university if the credits were not considered required credit hours for an undergraduate or graduate degree.

5. Is there a program to study at JTS and other schools concurrently?
Yes, all matriculated students may take courses offered through Teachers College at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary with approval from their advisor, and must register for courses through JTS. MA students may apply to The Graduate School of JTS for a master's in Jewish studies, to be completed simeltaneously with the master's in Jewish education.