The Master’s Degree Program in Jewish Education

As a student at The Davidson School, you will explore innovative ways to influence contemporary Jewish education. Drawing upon cutting-edge thinking in education, students learn key ideas and best practices in teaching, experiential education methodologies, and leadership skills for a variety of settings: day schools, summer camps, Jewish community centers, congregational schools, and nonprofit organizations with a focus on Jewish education. 

Students benefit from
• engaging study in Judaica, experiential learning, nonprofit leadership, and administration from renowned faculty
• a close-knit, caring, non-denominational community of colleagues who, as a cohort of learners, participate in professional seminars, field experiences, and social events
• significant work experience through their practicum, which includes meaningful work projects, mentoring, and professional development
• opportunities to network with and learn from leaders directing top-notch experiential learning within the field of Jewish education
• individual attention from admission to graduation
• the esteemed Judaica and Jewish Education faculty of JTS
• the vibrant resources of New York City
• generous tuition scholarships and practicum stipends

Experiential Jewish Education at The Davidson School
The Davidson School's groundbreaking work with experiential Jewish education, related to the success of its Experiential Learning Initiative, has been integrated into the training of all Davidson School students. Regardless of area of concentration, Davidson School students will learn theories and techniques associated with experiential Jewish education, and will themselves participate in a variety of experiential, cocurricular activities to foster their learning and growth.

Techniques and Theories of Experiential Jewish Education
All Davidson School students will enhance their ability to:

• Apply the most cutting-edge pedagogical and experiential learning tools and skills across Jewish educational settings
• Translate Judaic content meaningfully to learners that create lasting positive Jewish impact

In-residence students may choose one of two concentrations according to their interests: Educational Leadership in Synagogues and Communal Settings, in which they will learn to lead and manage organizations meaningfully and with intentionality in determining vision, organizational structure, finances, marketing, and staff management; or Teaching and Practice, in which they  will gain advanced knowledge and pedagogical skills with experiential education techniques, wholly integrated via the practicum, in order to excel in roles as day school teachers, administrators, or other experiential educators in a school setting. Online MA students are also trained in experiential education through the core curriculum of pedagogy, curriculum, and Jewish Studies, and choose specialized courses in Educational Leadership in Synagogues and Communal Settings or Teaching and Practice to form a concentration.

Experiential Cocurricular Activities
Full-time in-residence students participate in a variety of additional activities to build the cohort and enhance their learning experience. The Big Tent Minyan helps students grow their familiarity and leadership skills around prayer so that they will be able to meaningfully facilitate prayer experiences as Jewish education professionals. Mifgash provides the opportunity to explore the landscape of North American Jewish education and students' own identity as professional Jewish educators. Retreats, lunch talks, meetings with leaders in the field, and attendance at professional conferences are also core elements of the Davidson School student experience.

Study in Israel
The Davidson School is deeply committed to Israel and offers the unique opportunity for students to travel to Israel on an experiential education trip, the Visions and Voices of Israel Seminar, for eight days during the winter break of their first year. In addition, all Davidson School applicants may apply for Kesher Hadash, the groundbreaking semester in Israel for those that wish solidify their connection to Israel and further specialize in Israel education.

View the Academic Bulletin for The Davidson School's MA program.

The 45-credit curriculum (15 classes) for all students involves:

• Core courses in pedagogical training, program planning, and educational techniques
• Judaic studies courses taught by JTS's esteemed faculty
• Modules in experiential learning techniques from the fields of secular and Jewish education
• Education and Jewish Studies electives
• An honors research seminar
• The yearlong practicum and its corresponding seminar in one of two concentration areas, Educational Leadership in Synagogues and Communal Settings or Teaching and Practice, in which students are placed in a setting with a senior Jewish educator who will mentor students and guide them through a year of growth as a Jewish educator, in preparation for work after graduation
• Specialized courses in the two concentration areas

To learn about the specific courses offered, view the course grids on the detailed curriculum page.

For more information, to ask questions, and to schedule a preliminary interview, please contact Sarahann Goldstein, Director of Admissions, at (212) 678-8032 or

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