Part-Time or Seasonal Job Information

The William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education is happy to post jobs for your organization and try to connect you with current students who may be looking for part-time or seasonal jobs. We can link you by emailing our students and by keeping hard copies of the opportunities in a job seeker's binder in our school office.

Including the following information in your job posting helps applicants to compare the available jobs that have been posted. We wish you luck in finding a suitable candidate for the position you have open and hope that your search will be short and sweet.

Please note: The Davidson School is not a placement agency, and we do not endorse any of the jobs posted. We also do not endorse one student candidate over another. Please make sure that your organization thoroughly checks the credentials of all applicants.

Jobs are posted for one month. If you would like to repost the job, please email at and request an extension. As a courtesy, please let us know when the job has been filled.

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