Testimonials from DSLTI Alumni

Lori Binder
Associate Head of School, Gray Academy of Jewish Education, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"The 18-month program touched on all of the major aspects of day school leadership with an eye to best practices and the challenge of a 21st-century lens. The opportunity to work with respected mentors in the field was a gift that helped me grow as an educator and leader."

"DSLTI is an essential program in the Jewish day school world. I am fortunate to be part of a long line of DSLTI alumni who will continue to work together and collaborate for the future of our students, schools, and communities."

Yoni Binus
Head of School, Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"There is no simple way to explain the significant effect DSLTI had on me-professionally and personally-and on my school community. The four pillars that I believe the program stands on are mentorship, content, process, and cohort. Each pillar has made me a stronger leader and, in the process, guided our school community through leadership transition. As I near the end of my fellowship, I can begin to reflect on my development as a Jewish leader and how the program supported and influenced that development."

Andrea Kasper
Head of School, SSDS of Greater Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut

"My experience at DSLTI has profoundly changed both my professional and personal life. The people I have been blessed to learn with over the last 15 months contribute to my understanding of the field, as well as my own Jewish journey. I have developed a strong professional network and new friends who have already been by my side as thought partners and problem solvers. DSLTI has given me an understanding of the breadth of the position, and I am confident that, with the guidance of my mentors and cohort, any issue I face I will not face alone."

Rabbi Yossi Kastan
Head of School, Brauser-Maimonides Academy, Hollywood, Florida

"I was hoping that DSLTI would teach me some new content.
I never expected to learn so many data-driven and research-based methodologies.

"I was hoping that DSLTI would teach me a couple of new practices.
I never expected to learn a whole new set of skills.

"I was hoping that DSLTI would teach me about how to lead others.
I never expected to acknowledge, appreciate, and embrace the journey itself.

"I was hoping that DSLTI would help me become a better head of school.
I never expected to become a better head of school, a better colleague, a better husband and father, and a better human being.

"Simply put, DSLTI has changed my life, professionally and personally. I am more honest with myself, my approach, and my philosophy. Rav Kook once said, 'If there is no "I," there is no "you," and then there is no G-d.' Thank you for helping me find the 'I.' Because of DSLTI, I can now sincerely see the 'you' in everyone I work with, and I embrace G-d throughout the entire journey."

Dr. Peg Sandel
Head of School, Brandeis Hillel Day School, Marin, California

"DSLTI transformed my career. When I started DSLTI, I had doubts about whether I really belonged at this table. While I was a veteran educational leader, I had never served as head of school. Working with the mentors and the other fellows in my cohort, I began to realize that I did belong. My colleagues expressed their confidence in me from the very beginning, and I soon began to see myself the way they saw me. Through the program I also learned about the core aspects of school leadership: from crafting a school's mission, vision, and culture to realizing that mission in budget and finance, development, and strategic planning. Finally, DSLTI gave me a group of trusted professional fellow travelers and a lasting community of practice. I have no doubt that my school will be enriched by my work at DSLTI and by the lasting supportive network of colleagues I have gained through this experience."